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This PS4 auction starts at R1

Okay, so last week I told you about an auction on Bid or Buy for a PS4 starting at R1. By the time the article went up, the seller had lost his nerve. Now, we have another one!

So you want a white Xbox One?

There is no denying, those white Xbox Ones are pretty. Sure, the Kinect may still be black, but that white console and controller with the engraving of "I Made This" really is pretty cool. And now, you can get your hands on it, if you've got the money.

Is Sony’s Trophy System a farce?

One of the great inventions of this generation was the Xbox Live Achievement Points system that gave gamers a reason to try play games differently or to ensure they completed games to get that elusive gamerscore. 

Buy your very own Atari Console with 10 games

Are you feeling nostalgic? Do you wish it was the "good old days" again? Well today’s your day where all your dreams can come true as a trusted seller on BidOrBuy has listed a working Atari CX2600 console, with 10 games, 4 paddles, one original controller and one joystick controller.

Gearbox now owns the Homeworld franchise

Well, that’s it for the lingering remains of THQ, a corpse of a developer that I used to show to kids because I wanted to be cool. The last remaining properties have been auctioned off, and one cult favourite franchise is now going to be calling Borderlands developer Gearbox their home now.

THQ still needs to sell off Darksiders, Homeworld and Red Faction

Much like explosive diarrhoea, there happens to be bits of THQ everywhere now. The company is dead, and it’s various games and license have been scattered to the winds of other gaming studios and publishers. Well, most of them anyway. THQ still has a few properties left that no one wanted the first time that they had an auction, so they’re going to be trying once again to kick them out the door one more time.

THQ is dead.. again. Being sold off piece by piece

So our earlier excitement about THQ being saved by Clearlake Capital was put on hold when two separate lawsuits were filed against the deal by creditors who claimed it was a bit of a fishy deal. It looks like they were on to something.

How much would you pay for the ultimate SNES collection?

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed about gamers, it’s that they’re a bunch of completionists. Every achievement, every relic and every single whatever in a game must be found! And that’s something that translates to the physical side of gaming as well. How often have you looked at a collection and thought to yourself about getting that missing middle game from your series? Well if you’re a fan of the old days of cartridge based gaming, then here’s a chance to scratch that bitch of an itch.

This Diablo 3 player made over $10 000 in the game

There’s gold in them there digital hills! Ever since the release of Diablo 3, one aspect that has really had players excited was the opportunity to make some actual cash, using the in game auction house. Although, after several taxes, there might not be much left, one Reddit user has managed to make himself over $10 000 so far, in cold hard cash.

This Legend of Zelda game will cost you more than a million Rand

We’ve all got an ancient game or two lying around, something that is precious and close to us. Personally, my vintage collectibles that I happen to keep closely clutched to my chest is a PC version of Wing Commander Prophecy and Blade Runner. For some, owning an original Super Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog would make their day. But those games cost some serious cash. Much like this Legend of Zelda game, which will set you back quite a few Krugers.

How much would you have paid for the worlds largest games collection?


We’ve all flogged a game before, in order to get some much needed green in our bank accounts. Heck, some of us have even ditched an entire collection of nostalgia and childhood memories for cash, but I’m pretty certain that no one here has ever sold this many games before.

Money to burn? Buy a lifesize Fallout 3 dolly…

Are you sitting around with no friends? Do you feel that no one loves or understands you? Well then here is you solution, head on over to eBay and buy yourself a life size Fallout 3 doll...  Okay fine you may have picked up some sarcasm in my voice and I would truly love to say that it is because I think that owning life size dollies is sad and we can do better... but unfortunately it's actually because this auction states pick up only and I am not sure my friends bakkie can make the swim over to New York... But we do have a regular reader in America at the moment and Abe if you read this wouldn't you mind putting down a $200 order on my behalf... we'll talk if it goes over that and obviously about how we are going to smuggle this back through customs at that time. If you are interested in entering a counter bid then head on over to eBay and save my accountant from having an absolute heart attack...
Get Your Very Own Life-Sized Fallout 3 Statue

Get Your Very Own Life-Sized Fallout 3 Statue

If you've ever dreamed of having a Brotherhood of Steel soldier watching over you at night, then you may be interested in one of the newer items to hit the online auction house at Sam's Club. Right now, bidding is open for a life-sized statue of a member of the Wasteland's most notorious faction -- one of dozens Bethesda had made used to promote Fallout 3.

As you can see, he comes fully equipped with the Brotherhood's signature power armor and helmet, as well as a laser rifle, effectively making the statue probably the coolest piece of Fallout 3 "schwag" available to the public. Of course, something this fancy won't come cheap. Bidding at this time has reached $300, which is twice what it was before, and there's still almost two weeks left for fans to bid on it.

Iv' e seen some awesome things, but to have one of these in my living room next to the TV well that would be just downright awesome. Dunno what the girlfriend would think but with something so cool, who cares!