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Atari rebooting Alone in the Dark and Haunted House

If you think horror in gaming, the names Silent Hill and Resident Evil are sure to pop into your head fairly quickly. Names like Alone in the Dark and Haunted House are from a bygone era of gaming, but Atari thinks it's time they came back.

What happens when you find ET?

Ah, the 80s. Games were in their infancy, hair was about to get big and plenty of countries were still striving for freedom and independence. Atari's 2600 video game console was the wood-paneled precursor to the Nintendo Entertainment System, and also sort of the cause of the 1983 collapse of the North American video game industry. They tried to bury those skeletons, but they've just been dug up.

Aw yeah! Gauntlet’s back!

Back in the 80’s Atari released what was one of the very first multiplayer hack-and-slash fantasy games, essentially creating the template for games like Diablo. I, along with a group of friends spent many a 20c piece (yes, 20c) battling waves of skeletons, friggin’ spiders and miscellaneous otherworldly creatures. Well it’s back. Yes, Warner Bros (who swallowed Midway, who in turn swallowed Atari Games…who used to be owned by Warner in the first place) is bringing back the top down action hack-and-slash game that defined a genre.

Five unreleased consoles you can’t have

The Xbox One has been available globally for a week now, and the PlayStation 4 sees release in Europe and much of the rest of the world tomorrow.  Unfortunately, you can’t have them. The PS4 is out here in two weeks, and gourd alone knows the Xbox One will be coming to South Africa. Here’s 5 more consoles you can’t have. Ever

Nintendo could be “on the path to irrelevance”

Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U continues its struggle for relevance. The 3DS is doing pretty damned well though – but still, in a bit of irony, Nolan Bushnell thinks the company is troubled, and on the path to irrelevance.

Outcast is making a comeback

These days when you think open world game, your mind will probably flash towards Grand Theft Auto. But before GTA took a sandbox and got all third-person with it, there were a couple of other games in the late 90s that did it first. One such game, was the graphics card breaker behemoth known as Outcast. And it’s coming back.

Somebody’s digging up those E.T carts

One of videogaming’s most enduring myths is the story of the hole in New Mexico that Atari supposedly filled up with millions of unsold copies of the Atari 2600 flop, E.T. some are convinced that it really happened, with others saying it’s little more than urban legend. Soon, we’ll be able to find out if it’s true or not.

Atari predicts the Xbox will win the next gen race

With the next generation just around the corner it’s time for everyone and their dog to predict a winner in the upcoming battle. Most people have already taken Nintendo out of the race leaving it as a two horse race to flag.

Top ten kickass console mods

Hey, it’s not just the PC master race that has the time to rip the motherboard out of a PC tower and throw into a case of pure hipster-killing coolness. Consoles have also been on the modding scene for years now, with everything ranging from retro to current on that specific chopping block. Here’s our top ten of moulded plastic and cartridge entry ports.

Atari US files for bankruptcy

There are few game developers on the market these days that have a legacy that lasts beyond a few years. Studios come and go, and last year saw no shortage of developers being forced to close shop. One such prolific developer happens to be Atari. From it’s time as a console giant in an emerging market, to the days it was forced to look towards a new direction developing only games, Atari has been through the best and worst times that the industry could possibly throw at it. And the times they are a changin’, but not for the better, as Atari US has had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Happy Birthday Atari!

Forty years ago, a revolutionary company was formed, Atari Games. While they may not be the gaming behemoth that they were several decades ago, the company still exists today, creating new titles for upcoming generations of gamers. Here’s a quick look at the highs and lows of the trendsetting company.

How Nintendo saved the videogame world

Nintendo doesn’t have the best reputation with hardcore gamers at the moment who enjoy sticking their nose up at the Nintendo Wii and even the yet to be released Wii-U; but in reality if it wasn’t for Nintendo we might not have even had a functioning gaming industry.

Strap-on joystick duelling may be the most disturbing game ever created


After years of playing games, you no doubt have a few consoles laying in the attic, gathering dust. One such console might be an old Atari, that came with wood panels and those iconic joystick input devices.

But you want to do something with that nostalgic piece of gaming, don’t you. Maybe donate it to a museum, or reintroduce kids to the glory of retro graphics. Heck no, let’s strap those joysticks to our crotches rather and FIGHT!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the long term goal for developer Beamdog

Last week, citizens of the dedicated RPG gaming realms were positively giddy with excitement over a possible Baldur’s Gate sequel being announced. The official BG site had recently received a cosmetic refresh, complete with a massive new skull and some cryptic clues hinting towards…something.

So imagine our surprise, and some small level of disappointment, when the timer finally counted down to reveal that it wasn’t exactly a brand new Baldur’s Gate sequel that was coming, but rather an enhanced edition of the classic game from Atari and Beamdog, that includes some enhanced and original content.

And while that is all fine and dandy for a new generation of gamers that are going to dip their toes into the franchise, veteran fans are still waiting anxiously for a Baldur’s Gate 3 that may never come.

Except those very hopes may be what resurrects the classic game for a fully-realized, sequelised, outing.

Baldur’s Gate getting Enhanced Edition

The new Baldur’s Gate site we told you about last month got updated with a countdown timer - and that timer’s come to and end. Today’s Diablo III has gotten fans of the old-school RPG in a frenzy, but Bioware’s Baldur’s Gate has just as strong a following.

So what did the end of the timer signify?