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Don’t miss these awesome games

You know how we discussed if Steam Sales and stuff might not be as awesome for developers and players? Well, who cares? There are some awesome games in this Humble Weekly Sale, as well as two great games for free this weekend on Steam (you can keep them forever at a huge discount, too).

Why there’s still no DayZ standalone

DayZ, a slow-paced, realistic(ish) game mode about the Zombie apocalypse is an intriguing thing – but  it requires too much effort to get running at the moment, requiring Arma II, its expansion, a BETA patch and the mod to be installed. The good news is its coming in a standalone form. The bad news is that it was supposed have been released last year. Why isn’t it out yet?

DayZ’s coming as a standalone game

Here’s some great news for those of you who’ve wanted to take a shot at the zombie apocalypse survival simulator that’s taken the gaming world by storm - but couldn’t be bothered to find and install ARMA II, its expansions and finally, the DayZ total conversion mod; it’s becoming a standalone title.