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Batman: Arkham Origins Cold,Cold Heart shows off the XE suit in action

While Arkham Origins didn’t set the world on fire thanks to some buggy gameplay and the fact that the title clearly wasn’t polished enough for release back in October last year, the DLC has been a different story. Initiation was a solid piece of content that charted Bruce Wayne’s final test before becoming the Batman. And Cold, Cold Heart will see him tangle with a  familiar foe.

Is Hush the primary villain of the next Batman game?

Who’s afraid of the big bad bat? Ever since the events of Arkham City the caped crusader has been left without a purple-suited maniac in his life, as the Joker finally succumbed to the effects of the game that kicked the entire franchise off in Arkham Asylum. A new game is on the way, and that’s no secret. So who will be the main antagonist? Well, Hush up and I’ll tell you…

Is this the logo for the next Batman Arkham game?

Here’s an interesting one. Batman: Arkham Origins may not have been too well received, but the prequel shifted over 3 million units since launch. There’ve been rumblings that another game is on the way, and this one might be a firestarter.

Batman:Arkham Origins glitches will remain unpatched

Batman: Arkham Origins wasn’t exactly warmly received when it launched last year. Sure, I may have loved the look, story and voice talent behind the game, but the sheer amount of unpolished work on the game which resulted in a ton of bugs, ruined it for me. And don’t expect those bugs to be patched anytime soon.

Rockstar: Single player games still have value

Single player games are dying, the industry experts keep telling us, unable to explain the successes of games such as The Witcher, Skyrim, Arkham: Asylum and Dishonored. Some developers, like Respawn, aren;t even including single player campaigns in their games. Rockstar’s Dan Houser, however, feels that there’s still significant value in single player games.

Batman Arkham Origins to have exclusive costumes on PS3

Whether you love or hate the concept, console exclusives in the form of digital fluff is here to stay. Batman: Arkham Origins is continuing that fine tradition of offering players a slice of exclusive cosmetic justice, as the game will give players a chance to strap on some armour or to head West. Adam West that is.

Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer won’t be tacked on

Batman: Arkham Origins has a new developer in charge of the franchise, in the form of Warner Bros Montreal. With that change, comes new ideas for the game. Such as a multiplayer component that is being created by Splash Damage in tandem with the game. Will it be a cheap, quick experience though?

Here’s how Nvidia will make Batman: Arkham Origins prettier

Next-gen console games may look fantastic, but I’ll confess, PC gamers will always have a visual edge. That being said, I’m not too keen to go through the hassle of indulging in slightly straighter edges and fabulous hair effects. Unless it’s for Batman of course.

There’s nowhere to run from Firefly in Batman Arkham Origins

I may be completely and unethically bias when it comes to Batman games (I’m wearing Batman pyjamas right now), but I’ve got a good reason to be so deliriously happy for the upcoming Batman Arkham Origins. It’s checking all my boxes so far and now, it’s throwing another villain into the mix.

Return to the Batcave in Arkham Origins

Here’s a bunch of new screenshots for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins, showing off the Batcave, trusty man servant Alfred and the Mad Hatter about to have fist-based reconstructive dental surgery.

The Dark Knight rises in Batman: Arkham Origins

Update: A ton of new screenshots and artwork has just been unleashed, via AGB.

In the gaming industry, you either live long enough to die as a hero, or see yourself become the trilogy-capping third game. Yep, looks like those rumours of a new Batman game were true after all, and while you can’t see it from that side, I’m wearing the biggest possible Joker grin right now as I write this.

New Arkham Game coming this year

During a financial call to investors last week, licence holder Warner Brothers confirmed that there’d be a new Batman game bearing the “Arkham” mantle coming later this year. While that may sound like good news, don’t get excited just yet.

Holy domain name registrations Batman!

If there’s one thing that the dark knight has done in the last year or two, it’s to take care of business. The Dark Knight Rises saw a trilogy of films wrapped up, while 2011’s Arkham City went out with a bang alongside the criminally underrated Brave and the Bold cartoon. But could there be more Batmannery lying in wait? One nerd in Batman underwear (me), certainly hopes so.

Rumour: The next Batman sequel is going to be a prequel

Holy silver age wackiness Batman! While the two Arkham games may have re-established the Dark Knight as a force to be reckoned with in gaming, they also happened to tell one complete story, closing the curtain on one memorable experience. But seeing as how they’ve made a ton of cash as well, it’s clear that the night isn’t over yet for the caped crusader, as Warner Bros Interactive has tapped Rocksteady to once again get cracking on a sequel of sorts.

Spidey returns in Arkham Manhattan

I’m quite excited for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man game, which looks set to follow the usual formula, but with some drastic modifications. Spidey is back in Manhattan, the camera view is more dynamic, and the combat has taken quite a few cues from the Arkham series of Batman games.

Sure, it looks like a blatant imitation, but at the same time, this isn’t always a bad thing to actually do. See for yourself, as Spidey demonstrates some eerily familiar combat gameplay in the video below, while making web-slinging look as vertically visceral as it was meant to be.