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The Evolution Of – Assassin’s Creed

Seven years. In video game terms, that’s a lifespan that is equivalent to a sneaky fart in an elevator. And yet in such a short amount of time, Ubisoft has managed to create one of the biggest franchises on the planet. Games, books, comics, action figures and more have been born out of Assassin’s Creed. And over the years, it has evolved into something magnificent.

This new trailer for Halo:The Master Chief Collection is in terminal condition

Way back in the early 2000s, Bungie created something special with Halo. Originally meant for Apple computers,  Bungie instead chose to flip off that egomaniac Steve Jobs and rather iPort their game over to Microsoft and their newborn Xbox division. And the rest as they say, was history. Totally bitchin’ history that is! Here’s a new trailer to celebrate the legacy of Halo, which is arriving soon in a remastered tetralogy package.

Expect smarter and weirder behaviour in The Sims 4

Confession: I kind of dig The Sims. But for all the wrong reasons. While I give little to no fraks about all those various expansions for fashionable clothing, what I do enjoy doing is using that game to create nightmare scenarios with the little digital people inside my PC. Like creating a pyrophobic glutton and then surrounding his fridge with several fireplaces. Anyway, new trailer!

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review – Fast and Führerious

It’s 1960, and after a failed attempt to end World War 2 saw Wolfenstein series regular William “B.J” Blazcowicz down, defeated and stuck with some coma-inducing shrapnel in his skull, the world has changed. And not for the better.

Fallout: New Vegas lead designer talks Fallout 4 ideas

You’re not going to see Fallout 4 for quite some time, and that makes me a sad panda. Still! That doesn’t mean that the franchise is dead, and even a former developer on one of the entries in that franchise has a few ideas for the rumoured sequel.

Far Cry 4 story details revealed

Far Cry 4 has just been announced with nothing more than some cover art, and already there’s a brouhaha on the net about the content of the game. Scandal! Offense! Shut up dammit. Story details have finally escaped thanks to a snafu, before Ubisoft could respond. But like most things on the internet, once it’s up, it’s up for good.

Halo: Master Chief HD Collection to be revealed at E3

If there’s one thing that the previous generation of gaming was known for, it was milking the hell out of the games that came before it, stretching some classic gems into a 16:9 aspect ration and repackaging them as collections. This generation is no different, with a definitive edition of Tomb Raider ramping up the visuals. And the entire Halo collection might get the same treatment soon.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition launches in August

You’ve been wondering just when Blizzard would release Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition onto consoles. Well wonder no more, as it’ll be out on August 19 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It’s Diablo 3, and the Reaper of Souls together for the first time, and it feels oh so good. Prepare to go back to hell Nephalem scum.

The Last of Us: Remastered is almost too big for a Blu-Ray

New generation consoles have spoilt me. I now look with disdain at the visuals that are present on current-gen platforms, turning my massive nose up at them. One game which was truly impressive last year though? The Last Of Us, which looked fantastic on PS3. An HDier version is on the way for PlayStation 4. And it can barely fit on the disc.

The PS4 is about to get a lot more indie

Say what you like about the gaming industry today and the fact that some budgets could finance a Nkandla-get-stuffed-poor-people-mansion or five, but it’s hard to deny that indie games are finally finding a larger platform to be noticed on. The PlayStation 4 already has plenty of those smaller budget games available. And it’s going to get a lot more.

The intro movie and alternative outfits of Ultra Street Fighter 4

Ken you match my beats I don’t so cause I’mma stretch my skills fo’ Shoryuken! I’m a lean mean Bison with a psycho machine, I cheat like Seth hopped up on meth and I don’t Zangief a f***! So prepare to rock ‘n Rolento as I lay down some pain like Poison in her stilettos!

Rumour – PlayStation 4 to support PS1 and PS2 games in full 1080p HD

As much as I love playing a new game, I also love going back a few years to get a little retro love. Dating your mom is besides the point, but this also applies to gaming. Unfortunately, I can’t jam Crash Bandicoot or Nuclear Strike on a PlayStation 4. Not right now that is, as plans are in place to not only bring those games to a new platform, but to throw in some HD love as well.

Ultra Street Fighter IV unveils its final brawler

Jissum bru, I’ve gone and eaten so much of that muscle powder stuff in order to be a beefcake (BEEFCAKE!), that I think that I can throw Hadoukens thanks to the protein-induced hallucinations. While I start powerlifting those teddy bears, check out the new expanded roster for Ultra Street Fighter IV. BEEFCAKE!

This is Unreal Engine 4 running in your browser

Browser-based games used to be rather simple. You’d head to JoeCartoon.com, and satisfy those lunatic urges of yours by microwaving a crudely animated hamster. Time passed, and the tools to create more impressive games online got more advanced. But hot damn, Mozilla Firefox may be hitting a homerun here with some Unreal visuals.

Infamous: Second Son DLC is on the way

Pink lights, beanies and the city of rock ‘n roll. Damn, I cannot wait for Infamous: Second Son. Which is why I should hurry up and do a new order for the game after my last one got cancelled for '”abuse”. Infamous: Second Son will most likely be a lengthy game. And once the end credits roll, there’ll be more content on the way.