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Yu Gi Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival Review – It’s a trap…card

You remember when Yu Gi Oh! 5D’s entire premise of card games on motorcycles was considered the most stupid thing to ever hit the Duel Monsters franchise? Trust me, the Zexal 3DS game is far, far worse.

E3 2014 – Nintendo reveals Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

Nintendo's 3DS just keeps selling like hot cakes, and if the E3 population is anything to go by, every gamer and his mother has one. Now they have revealed an all new IP, and it will make many of you ridiculously happy.

Review: Mario Golf: World Tour

I have a weird relationship with Mario sports games. Is videogame golf more or less of an experience when Mario is involved? I say he doesn’t add much to any sports game and rest assured, the same is true in World Tour. It might actually be for the better.

Nintendo Direct drops huge Smash Bros info

 A Nintendo direct update has dropped a tonne of new information about the upcoming Super Smash Bros game for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Review: Take that!

Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are both fantastic and popular franchises in their own rights - with quirky personalities and interesting puzzling/logic problems, they are must haves on the 3DS. Now, they've been paired up to bring twice the fun.

Unity coming to 3DS?

Nintendo embraced Unity for the Wii U, announcing at GDC that 50 games were coming to the console via Unity. Now it seems that the ailing console might not be the only platform to benefit from this new partnership.

Get Pokemon X or Y for free

That's right, you can get the latest and greatest Pokemon game without using Thief. In fact, it is your reward for entering the 3D era. Now maybe Darryn will finally splurge on that 3DSXL to make his tiny hands look even smaller - everyone should catch this deal.

‘Year of Luigi” ending in March

Nintendo spent so much energy focusing on Luigi last year, hoping that shifting attention away from the red brother would have a correlating affect on their bank accounts. Surprising almost no one, it did little to boost the sales of Nintendo games and particularly the Wii U. Now Luigi's year is coming to an end - I wonder what the new year will bring.

FFD: Are you platform monogamous?

On this day of commercially designated romance, we're meant to celebrate our love for that special someone. I don't celebrate it, but Darryn will spend the day rubbing chocolate all over his left hand. So what about our gaming platforms? Do you stick to just one, or are you a true, um, "player"?

Pokémon Bank finally available in PAL regions

If you live in Europe or anywhere south of the Equator and you’re one of those children or child-like adults who has to catch them all you’ve probably been waiting rather patiently for Nintendo to release the Pokémon Bank. Your wait is over.

Wild, likely untrue rumour: Nintendo’s next console specs

For many people, Nintendo’s Wii U is just not next-gen enough. Some (wrongly) believe it can’t even compare to the Ps3 and Xbox 360. If Nintendo wants to stay in the game, they need a system that can compete with the PS4 and Xbox One. They’re most likely busy with Research and Development on new systems right now. These are probably not the specs for those systems.

Piracy-enabling 3DS flash cart bricking consoles

Nintendo’s top-selling DS handheld was plagued with piracy thanks to a bunch of flash carts, like the infamous R4 and its myriad clones. They made it ridiculously easy for people to download DS games and run them on their consoles without any hardware modification. It’s not quite that simple with the 3DS, though there is a flashcart that enables piracy. And some users are finding the thing to be  bricking their consoles.

Nintendo slashes Wii U forecast

Nintendo’s Wii U really is a world of trouble. The Japanese company had, for a long time, forecasted 9 million units in sales for the 2013 financial year, which ends on March 31 this year.  It’s now significantly lowered those expectations.

NPD: Xbox One beats PS4 in December sales, 3DS comes out on top

The NPD numbers are out for December, and while there are plenty of caveats that we can point out, the reality is that Xbox One beat the PS4 in December sales. However, there was an even bigger winner - not just for December but for all of 2013.

Review: Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS)

Mini game collections can be difficult to review. Do you base your score on the quality of the games? Do you set your standards lower because it's a mini game collection? We all know Mario Party has been done to death, so what's changed in Island Tour for the 3DS?