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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 26 May 2015

Teases for games can be fun if they’re done well – and a trailer, for a trailer, for a reveal is exactly how to not do that sort of thing well. Thankfully, that’s not what 2K games has done with its new tease for something called Advent. Naturally, they used Twitter, tweeting out a look at a prosperous future. "Luxury for the privileged few is outdated," the tweet says "This is the future of urban living." But then it gets ugly.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 19 May 2015

Evolve was one of the most severely hyped games in recent memory, winning sackfuls of convention awards, despite not – at the time – even being out. It’s something we’re guilty of too, much to my own chagrin. That game’s once immense popularity faded to black in the months after release, with player-numbers (on PC, at least) dropping to laughable levels. How well has it sold though? How many people spent money on the game, only to play it for a month, never to return?

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 30 Mar 2015

Spec Ops: The Line is still one of the best games I’ve ever played. Not for its graphics which weren’t bad but nothing really to write home about. Nor for its gameplay which was solid, but boring. But rather for its incredible story which is something that rarely happens in a military shooter.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 20 Mar 2015

Hey. that’s a nice backlog you got there. Real nice, right Geoff? And look at this! You’ve almost finished it! Just a few more games to go! It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it. A right shame. Oops! I seem to have accidentally gifted you an entire anniversary of games there guv. A right shame that is…

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 27 Feb 2015

Evolve is a deep, tactical shooter that blends first person team-based play with third person player controlled boss fights. Those that love the game, absolutely adore it, while the rest of us sit wondering what exactly the fuss is all about. I know personally, that I’ve completely lost interest in the game. That’s expected though; I’m hardly a big fan of multiplayer shooters in the first place. What’s not quite as expected is just how much PC gamers seem to be abandoning the game.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 12 Feb 2015

The next big thing in multiplayer gaming, Evolve, is out – and it’s really fun when played with friends, or under the right, fortuitous circumstances. Back in January, Turtle Rock and 2K Games came under fire for the game’s DLC plans; a criticism that they took umbrage at. People are raging about the game’s DLC anew. The reason? All of the extra content in the game – the stuff not included in the season pass - would cost a player more than double the base game itself.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 11 Feb 2015

We’re still putting the finishing touches on or Evolve review. We’ve enjoyed it quite a bit but we need to put more in to testing the game in real world, South African conditions. It’s a fun as heck game, especially if you’re playing with a group of easy-going, like-minded individuals who aren’t eager to tell you what they did to your mum last night. Fun it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s without problems.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 09 Feb 2015

Evolve’s embargo is up well head of its release tomorrow – but because it’s a multiplayer game, which these days means it’ll perform differently once it has people playing on its servers, reviewers seem mostly unwilling to peg a definite score on the game. Most of the bigger outlets have issued reviews in progress, with a few attaching a provisional score on the next big thing in multiplayer games.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 09 Feb 2015

Evolve is out tomorrow, bringing what we hope is a perfectly tuned bit of monster vs hunter action. The game’s seen numerous tweaks to the game since its first alpha, and even more following the recent beta. It’ll be getting even more tweaks, tunes and rebalancing post-release – by way of, you guessed it, a rather large day one patch. Of course it is.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 26 Jan 2015

Hey! Guess what Gearbox announced over the weekend at PAX South? I’ll give you a clue: It wasn’t Borderlands 3. While it’ll most likely be a good couple of years before we ever see that game tackled, that doesn’t mean that the previous proper game in the series, The Pre-Sequel, has been forgotten about. In fact, it’s about to get a touch classier now when Lady Hammerlock enters the picture.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 23 Jan 2015

We’re knee deep in sweat, spent controller batteries and might have left a keyboard embedded in our monitors. And that’s because a bunch of us have just finished playing the open beta for Evolve. I got my first taste of the game last weekend, popping that Goliath onslaught cherry, while Zoe had to form her own fellowship of the beta in order to download the files for the lastest test version of the game. All that, and more in our latest podcast and vidcast!

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 16 Jan 2015

We’re in the dry period of gaming right now, and we’ll take whatever we can get to pass the time for new releases. When such a game happens to be a beta for one of the more anticipated games of 2015, we’ll jump on it like dishonesty on a politician/lawyer/your mom. Right now, you can grab the open beta for Evolve on your Xbox One. And yes, it plays just fine, with minimal workarounds needed.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 12 Dec 2014

Another year, another leap over the top rope and into the ring with a new WWE game. But this year is supposed to be different. The teething period is over, and with long-time developer Yukes now partnered properly with 2K Games, the WWE franchise has a chance to shine again as it marries legacy with new-gen. And much like the actual TV show product, it’s a complete mess, a stale product that has no idea how to innovate and taps out before it can even reach the main event.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 12 Dec 2014

Man, look at all these remastered games coming out. Cheap! Quick cash-grabs! Bah! Flimshaw! Petroleum distillate! You won’t catch me being suckered into buying one of those games. Nope, no way Jose and one more thing…Is that a Borderlands Remastered Edition I spot out in the wild? I’ll uh, I’ll be right back…