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Evolve: In-depth hands-on

Evolve is one of those games picked up from the smouldering embers of THQ’s demise early last year and I’m increasingly starting to think 2K games made a wise purchasing decision.  You may not recognize its developer, Turtle Rock Studios by name, but you’re almost certainly aware of its biggest game; the co-operative zombie-shooter Left 4 Dead. Evolve takes the basic premise of that, as a co-operative shooter and  - I hate myself for saying this – evolves it. And it’s fun.

There’s a new Borderlands coming

We here at the Lazygamer office have spent more time than we care to admit playing Borderlands 2 – as have many of you. That said, we’re not sure we’re quite ready for a sequel.  Good thing there isn’t one. Gearbox’s Randy Pitchord recently said that his studio wasn’t busy making Borderlands 3. He omitted the fact that another studio was making a Borderlands game though.

2K nails Xbox with a fastball and cancels MLB

2K’s latest baseball release, MLB 2K13, was widely panned as being a limp copy of the previous MLB 2K12. And now, we have all been taken by surprise at their decision to cancel all future development of the MLB series in its entirety.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Aftermath Trailer

Have you been paying attention to The Bureau: XCOM Declassified live action trailers? If not then make sure you catch up by clicking here and watching the entire series.

GTA V to smash all day one sales records

When we talk about the industry's mega-titles we quickly start thinking about Call of Duty, Battlefield, FIFA and even Assassin’s Creed. But in reality they all pale in comparison to the juggernaut that is Grand Theft Auto.

Hands on with The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

It hasn't been an easy couple of years for the XCOM franchise. Back in 2011' the next step in the future of that series was revealed, a FPS that was heavy on the gung-ho and light on the spirit of the original games. After being off the radar for quite a while, that game has re-emerged as The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. And it might just be the updated game that fans wanted in the first place.

Has XCOM been cancelled?

Firaxis’ reboot of the original turn-based strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be considered a success – and not just critically or commercially. It successfully revitalised the entire genre as something that’s not only deeply strategic, but both harrowing and fun to play. It’s not the only XCOM reboot – and if you’ll recall, there’s supposed to be a first-person re-imagining of the game on the horizon. We’ve seen and heard very little about that since 2011 though – and now it looks like it’s been cancelled.

Violent games are “creatively too easy”

If you haven’t played Yager’s Spec Ops: The Line, you really should. Though it has some grinding, mundane shooting mechanics (by design, I’m convinced), it tells an incredible story – and forces you to think about the very real horrors of war, and its intrinsic violence. It’s writer, Walt Williams told an audience at GDC that violent games are “creatively too easy” and that the industry needs to start thinking of better, more diverse ways of telling stories through videogames.

Bioshock: Infinite is playable on the PS Vita

I’m a self confessed hater when it comes to the PS Vita. I don’t see the point and have not been the least bit surprised when it comes to reporting on its poor sales record… I also never saw the point of remote play as it was so selective.. but that is about to change.

BioShock Infinite lives up expectations

It’s very seldom that a sequel manages to live up to the lofty expectations that have built up around it. Bioshock Infinite, it seems, has managed to do that and more; in many cases, it’s exceeded them. Irrational Games’ latest exploration in to the broken ideologies of broken men is on track to become one of the highest rated games, not just of this generation, but of all time.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown coming to iOS

From the very first time I sat down to play Firaxis’  delightful and terribly stressful XCOM: Enemy Unknown reboot, I thought it would be the perfect fit for the iPad; because if there’s one thing better than killing aliens, it’s killing aliens while you’re on the toilet. It’s happening, so expect to experience a great deal of numb-legged pins-and-needles in the near future.

Is Bioshock Infinite the most expensive game ever made?

According to unnamed (and quite possibly invented) analysts at the New York Times (via Destructoid), Bioshock Infinite could well be the most expensive game ever made; yes, even more than GTA IV and Gran Turismo 5.

Who’s paid who in the IGN and 2K deal?

If you hadn’t heard yet it has been revealed that IGN has been given the exclusive rights to release their Bioshock Infinite review first,  before the rest of us sorry folks get to release ours.

BioShock Infinite’s incredible TV ad

It’s out in just a week. The one game I’ve been what seems like forever for; the real BioShock sequel, from the fine, fine folk at Irrational Games. As much as I liked BioShock 2, it really was just a glorified expansion, missing Ken Levine’s hallmark stamp of excellence. That changes with next week’s release of BioShock Infinite – and I’m  more excited than I’ve been for a game in a long, long time. this new, extended TV spot doesn’t help.

BioShock Infinite’s False Prophet

Since getting the opportunity to play through the opening section of Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite, it’s pretty much all I can think about. I left the preview event, came home, and immediately pre-ordered the game (breaking my own purchasing rules), swearing off reviewing the final product so that I could savour every moment of it when I finally do get to play the full game. The preview left me with so many questions, and a giddy, child-like sense of wonder and excitement in being able to answer them.