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Why hello there Resident Evil Revelations 2 box art

A while back, I had the misfortune to review Resident Evil 6, which was a clunky orgy of explosions with a personality as deep as TV housewife of wherever, and gameplay that matched its vapid attempt to hit all the demographics. It’s been a while since then, and on reflection, I’ve decided that I’m still 100% right about that waste of a game. What was a better game in that franchise however, was Resident Evil Revelations. And it’s getting a very well-deserved sequel.

The Evolution Of – Prince Of Persia

I don’t think that there is anyone here who has not played at least one Prince Of Persia game. Whether it was the classic platformer, the revived Ubisoft version or that bizarre 3D incarnation of the game from 1998, Prince Of Persia has been one of the longest-running franchises out there. And my oh my, how it has grown.

The Evolution Of – Assassin’s Creed

Seven years. In video game terms, that’s a lifespan that is equivalent to a sneaky fart in an elevator. And yet in such a short amount of time, Ubisoft has managed to create one of the biggest franchises on the planet. Games, books, comics, action figures and more have been born out of Assassin’s Creed. And over the years, it has evolved into something magnificent.

This new trailer for Halo:The Master Chief Collection is in terminal condition

Way back in the early 2000s, Bungie created something special with Halo. Originally meant for Apple computers,  Bungie instead chose to flip off that egomaniac Steve Jobs and rather iPort their game over to Microsoft and their newborn Xbox division. And the rest as they say, was history. Totally bitchin’ history that is! Here’s a new trailer to celebrate the legacy of Halo, which is arriving soon in a remastered tetralogy package.

DICE isn’t sure why Battlefield: Bad Company is so popular

Battlefield 5? Yawn, give me a sequel to Battlefield Bad Company 2 instead! This year’s big announcement from EA was for Battlefield: Hardline, a game that so far only Gavin and myself are actually keen on playing. But we’re both in agreement that a new Bad Company game is needed right now. And DICE is also aware of that fan demand. They just can’t figure out why though.

Forza Horizon 2 drifts onto Xbox One and 360 this year

Yesterday saw the announcement of not one, not two but three new games within the span of an hour. Amidst fatalities and revolutions however, one new titles was announced, full of kudos and drifting around the bend. Ladies and Germans, Forza Horizon is getting a sequel.

People aren’t sick of Kickstarter, says Wasteland 2 dev

These days, wherever you go, there’s a Kickstarter project under your nose asking for some faith and cash in order to make a game. You might say that there’s a Wasteland of failed projects in crowdsourcing. Hell, you might even say that this is all just one big Torment, that has left developers inXile. Or you might just say “shut up with the damn developer-specific puns Darryn”.

Halo: Master Chief HD Collection to be revealed at E3

If there’s one thing that the previous generation of gaming was known for, it was milking the hell out of the games that came before it, stretching some classic gems into a 16:9 aspect ration and repackaging them as collections. This generation is no different, with a definitive edition of Tomb Raider ramping up the visuals. And the entire Halo collection might get the same treatment soon.

Borderlands 2 PS Vita Review Round-Up

Here at Lazygamer.net (A proud partner of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated), we’re all massive fans of Borderlands 2. We’ve sunk dozens and dozens of hours into the game collectively, and the idea of some Borderlands on the go is actually rather intriguing. So what’s the game like then? Rather crap it seems.

Watch The International America Qualifiers right here!

I’ll confess that I don’t have an inkling as to the appeal of The International. But that makes me part of a very small minority, judging by the size of the fanbase. The American Qualifiers for the latest International of DOTA 2 kicks off soon. Here’s your SuperSperts schedule for it in order to get some viewing done.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review – Electro Boogaloo

Face front true believers! In the hallowed halls of mighty Marvel, no other character has received as much care and love as the sensational web-head known around the world as the Amazing Spider-Man. We’ve had the bodacious Beenox in charge of Spidey for a couple of games now, and their latest effort might just be the worst wall-crawling game ever made! Nuff said? I haven’t even begun to spin a review! Excelsior!

Borderlands The Pre-sequel size similar to the first game

Most games these days are done-in-one experiences that offer little replay value and focus more on tacked-on multiplayer. The original Borderlands and its sequel however, were lengthy forays into the wilderness of Pandora. And you can expect the same kind of length in the Pre-Sequel.

Dark Souls 2 is going to look much better on PC

…Well, duh.

Meet the villains of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

What’s a hero without a few good villains to define/menace/annoy him? The upcoming Spider-Man movie sequel has been teasing all of the villains ever created, even though there are only three real threats in that movie. And a few more in the tie-in game as well.

Half-Life 2 would be real pretty if it were remade today

Mark my words, the latest fad in this gaming generation won’t just be to re-release older games onto new systems, but to actually spruce them up. We’ve already seen Tomb Raider get a definitive makeover. And honestly, I’d love to see Half-Life get a visual upgrade along these lines.