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Borderlands The Pre-sequel size similar to the first game

Most games these days are done-in-one experiences that offer little replay value and focus more on tacked-on multiplayer. The original Borderlands and its sequel however, were lengthy forays into the wilderness of Pandora. And you can expect the same kind of length in the Pre-Sequel.

Dark Souls 2 is going to look much better on PC

…Well, duh.

Meet the villains of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

What’s a hero without a few good villains to define/menace/annoy him? The upcoming Spider-Man movie sequel has been teasing all of the villains ever created, even though there are only three real threats in that movie. And a few more in the tie-in game as well.

Half-Life 2 would be real pretty if it were remade today

Mark my words, the latest fad in this gaming generation won’t just be to re-release older games onto new systems, but to actually spruce them up. We’ve already seen Tomb Raider get a definitive makeover. And honestly, I’d love to see Half-Life get a visual upgrade along these lines.

DOTA 2 The International announced for July

Think gaming is a waste of time and will lead you nowhere in life? Well, you’re probably right, because unless you have the skills to pay the bills, you might as well keep on playing for fun. But if you do have a fast mouse hand and happen to be rather adept at DOTA 2, then the annual International is where it’s at.

America joins the fight in Company of Heroes 2 expansion

TEN-HUT! At ease gentlemen. I know the fighting has been hard in Company of Heroes 2, but as I sit in my comfy office, I just want you all to know that sending in wave after wave of troops to die in battle, has not been a battle fought in vain. Thanks to those gallant sacrifices, we have managed to move my drinks cabinet several feet closer to the enemy line. And that is why I feel that you all deserve an expansion.

Shoot some new PS4 webs in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Earlier this week, we got the chance to see some gameplay for the upcoming tie-in game to The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It pretty much looked exactly like the first game. But apparently, there’s more to what we saw. Such as an opportunity to confuse your grey matter hemispheres.

Lazygamer Retro Wednesday: Capcom Play System

So it’s a week late for a lot of reasons, mostly because I’ve been busy moving into another place, and secondly, all the photos I took didn’t actually save to the camera, so awesome.

Rumour – PlayStation 4 to support PS1 and PS2 games in full 1080p HD

As much as I love playing a new game, I also love going back a few years to get a little retro love. Dating your mom is besides the point, but this also applies to gaming. Unfortunately, I can’t jam Crash Bandicoot or Nuclear Strike on a PlayStation 4. Not right now that is, as plans are in place to not only bring those games to a new platform, but to throw in some HD love as well.

First look – The gameplay of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man was an average film back when it was released in 2012, with an equally average game. It had some bright spots, but it was pure cash-in material for the movie. Fast forward to 2014, and the cycle repeats. The new game however? It looks completely different, revamped and ready to do some web design in a completely original manner.

Your guide to the world of inFamous

inFamous: Second Son finally arrives next week, just in time for a long weekend. It’s not the first game in the series, but it is a new start for the franchise as it heads to the PlayStation 4. Confused about all the terms being thrown around in trailers? Well here’s a guide to the world of inFamous, that’ll explain everything to you.

Dark Souls 2 PC requirements won’t slay your hardware

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but Dark Souls has never been the prettiest of games. It’s always looked good enough, with the gameplay being the most important part of the package. Crazy, I know, but that’s the kind of game Dark Souls is. And the sequel looks like it’ll keep that trend running.

Dishonored 2 E3 fact sheet paints a pretty ID Tech 5 picture

I can’t see Dishonored not getting a sequel. The game was well received, Bethesda saw the chance to craft a new money-making universe and there’s a bunch of disappointed Thief gamers right now who would embrace it with open arms. Is it coming? Well here’s some more evidence to lend credence to the first rumour.

Homeworld Remastered Collection includes both new and old games

One genre that has seen a dip over the last decade, has to be the strategy game. Sure, there’s a few great examples out on shelves now, but they certainly don’t dominate sales like they used to. One of the best such games back then was Homeworld, a cosmic real-time battle amongst the stars. Gearbox has been hard at work remastering the two games. And they sound like old-school ideas with new school visuals.

Dark Souls 2 scores high with Famitsu

In revenge of Japan news, the nation that was home to Sony PlayStation and the last to get their hands on the new PS4 console has had a chance to play Dark Souls 2 before anyone of you lot have. Naturally, there’s a score attached to the end of the rope that said reviewer was going to use to help forget about the crushing difficulty of the cult hit RPG.