Quick MSSA Update–Round 5 

Gavin Mannion
September 13, 2013 at 1:00 pm

So yesterday we continued our series investigating the local MSSA with a post about their insane contract requirements for official players. At the time Colin requested to contact Darryn to discuss the issue and was told he needed to contact me as I was running with this.


At the time of writing this no contact had been made but what I did notice is that he did respond to a request for comment from mygaming where he wasn’t shy in clarifying how he felt.

When asked about our article Colin stated

“The article seems to be a little malicious. Not only does the author not understand the clauses, but [the author] gives very inaccurate interpretations”


So this article went on for a while defending our principles and having a go at the MSSA again. But I’ve been having an internal chat with the team and an external chat with a journalist from somewhere else and a valid point was raised.

When do we cross the line between reporting on problems in an organisation and it turning into a witch hunt? We have a lot more information about the MSSA that we were planning on reporting on but while it is all factual it may not be in the best interests of our readers to constantly be barraged by negative information about the MSSA.

We take great pride in helping raise the profile of gaming and eSports in the country and the MSSA shouldn’t be able to ruin that positive vibe for us.

So we’re going to be taking a break from this for a while. I’ve officially lodged a request with the government to view the accounts of the MSSA as we’ve received a few accusations of corruption aimed at them. The government has been amazingly professional in handling this request and I received news this morning that the request is now sitting with the MSSA to respond.

So until then, unless something untoward happens, we are going to take a break in reporting on the MSSA.

[Update] Prior to this article going live I received notice from Colin Webster of the MSSA that they are intending to file legal notice against us for our reporting on them. I’ve responded promptly with the information requested and we will keep you up to date with the Colin’s attempt to gag our rights to freedom of the press. 

Full request follows, pity he didn’t specify that it was private communication.

Dear Mr Mannion

This is not the first time that you have printed a malicious article about the MSSA on your blob!

Please note that the MSSA reserves its rights.

I too need the following from you:

  • The type of legal entity under which LazyGamer is operating,
  • The address for service of notice, and
  • The contact details for your legal counsel.

I suggest that you get proper legal advice.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Best regards

C A Webster

And now I’ve also been contacted by a Carl Holliday who is a lawyer but who refuses to confirm if he is the lawyer for the MSSA. Apparently I need legal counsel for a yet unnamed reason.

So maybe my break in reporting on the MSSA is going to be retracted really quickly, we are scared of many things here at Lazygamer such as spiders, heights and old people eating. But one thing we are not is scared of legal threats and if anything more arrives please be assured it will be posted up and we will keep you in the loop.

[Update 2] Carl Holliday has requested that I post the following “Please quote me as saying that you lack an understanding of legal concepts.”, it’s my pleasure Carl.

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  • Rags

    I don’t think the reporting from Lazygamer on this issue has been very fair with the players involved. But they have been spot on otherwise. I don’t see that the MSSA have any leg to stand on.

    I think we need to start petitioning that gaming should no longer be considered an official sport.

  • Luaan Rentzke

    This is getting out of hand, we’re gamers, that want an organized organization. Nothing more, nothing less. Please stop the banter and give us what we need. Thanks

  • Major FoxHoundR – what the fox

    im suing too for R100 000 000 cos xbox one is always bad and ps4 news are alwasy good. im also suing cos people on here dont like me for not reason i just want to make friends and talk about cool games like Call of duty

    • Ultimo_Cleric N7

      I am counter sueing you because you are using a picture of the recently trending song on Youtube and you dont have the rights to their intellectual property. Then I will also sue myself for using an EA brand’s picture as my avatar.
      Then I will sue Disqus for letting us do this.
      Then I will sue EARTH for allowing stupid laws to be put in place anout sueing in general.
      THEN I WILL ASWEDFSDK#$&^$@%GFDFJKDD……………………………………….

      • Major FoxHoundR – what the fox

        FSJAKLDASJJAS you make NO SENSE Master Chief Commander Shepard.

        • Ultimo_Cleric N7

          SO thats what the fox says. Mystery solved ^^

    • Hammersteyn
  • B4d R0b0t

    Well said and done, have a great weekend!

  • HoOdeh

    I am so in love with this article. I want to marry it and have little blobs with it. Srsly.

    • That Tall Twit


  • HoOdeh

    I was so over excited I had to make an account.

  • Ultimo_Cleric N7

    Dear Colin
    An article is only malicious if its untrue.
    Kind Regards
    Logic 101

  • Brian Murphy

    “We have a lot more information about the MSSA that we were planning on reporting on but while it is all factual it may not be in the best interests of our readers to constantly be barraged by negative information about the MSSA.”

    Gavin, you know as well as I do that news that’s relevant isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. But, people deserve to know. As a journalist, it’s your responsibility to inform them. Otherwise, no one will ever be informed enough to affect change in things that require it. I know you guys pride yourselves in being not entirely serious, but…sometimes it cannot be avoided, and whether you want to admit it or not, you DO touch upon rather serious issues from time to time.

    If the information you have about MSSA, is negative, then that’s on MSSA, not on you. If they’re doing something shady, or behaving in a manner unbecoming an organization of their nature, that you know about but don’t say anything to your readers….that’s on you. Are reader’s supposed to blindly adore an entity just because it’s from SA? I realize you’re proud of the gaming community in SA, and that you don’t wish to do it any harm. But, what are the consequences of not saying anything? I guess you have to weigh the perceived harm of barraging people with the negative information you have about MSSA, versus the harm it could cause if people don’t know. It’s a tough call, my friend, but I’m sure you’ll make the right decision, for your readers, for LG, and for the SA Gaming community.

    Btw, Colin had the opportunity from what I’m reading here, numerous times, to comment or clarify on anything you’ve written, and HE elected not to. He doesn’t get to choose which person he talks to at LG, he doesn’t hand out the work assignments, you do. If he declines to make a comment, that’s on him, again, not you. It’s quite typical for a news agency to run with a story about an entity that may not cast that entity in a favorable light, but, every time I read those stories, I always note that the journalist requested comment or clarification from the subject of the article. They either man up, and wade into it, or run away with their tail between their legs with ‘No Comment’.

    I wish you the best of luck (if luck even has a role here, not familiar with how SA’s Freedom of Speech/Press laws are written), I certainly hope your Freedom of the Press laws are as protected as they’ve been in the US.

    • Ultimo_Cleric N7

      Brian, I think the reason Gav is saying this is because posting the information would further aggrovate an already highly tenuous situation. But you are right, if the information is critical in revealing the true nature of the MSSA, it should be published.

      • Brian Murphy

        Ultimo, yeah I understand the position he finds himself in, but that’s ultimately the life of a journalist. They must constantly weigh the pros and cons of releasing the information that they obtain through research and interviews.

        But, it’s a vital need, and the truth should always triumph. People come to this site clearly for games information and things like that, but also because they don’t do this for a living, and don’t have the time or resources to investigate to the extent that Gavin and the LG staff can. So, LG is actually a pretty vital source of real, factual information for SAers to refer to, in situations like this where confusion, uncertainty and misinformation are rampant.

        As I said though, I’m sure he’ll make the best choice for his staff, and the gaming community.

        • Rags


        • Ultimo_Cleric N7

          No doubt man, the LG staff have always had our best interests at heart. Glad you are here to challenge them too, good to hear a perspective from someone outside SA. ^^

      • Craig Henry

        It’s more legal than that, this is going to court, so they cannot jeopardise their court case by revealing some of the dirt they have on them.. was a nicely veiled threat I thought myself

    • Craig Henry

      The only time any company,entity,public office reacts in this way, is when they have something to hide andor are guilty of the facts reported against them. Clearly they are hell bent on covering up their transgressions, the wonderful thing about the media, is that they are more than welcome to refute any and all claims at any time to clear their image, the fact that they chose to respond by solicitation is an obvious and sad attempt to hide the truth. Ill-gotten money now being used to kill the truth from coming out in the courts, ironic.

  • Marc O Polo

    here is your lawyer…

  • impi

    Just shows how much lazygamer has lost the plot. Instead of reporting on the news, they want to be the news.

    I would think that the MSSA sending a player to DreamHack was the REAL news story.

    But no, not for lazygamer, all they can do is try to make it seem as though they are more important than what they are.


    • Rags

      Look Lazygamer could certainly have handled it better. But MSSA also need to take some form of responsibility. Sure it’s great that they are sending a player to Dreamhack, but that does not wash them clean. The callous remarks from Mr Webster shows disconnected Mr Webster is from the community. Why does he oppose that we the tax payers want to know what his books look like? Mr Webster as being part of an official governing body and as an affiliate of SASCOC should be fully transparent and open to public questioning. It is our constitutional right to know.

      The questions are; why is MSSA affiliated with IeSF? Is that in the best interest of gamers? Why was there no proper investigation as to who is part of the Mexican team?

      If Argentina rugby team plays South Africa with French players on their team, it is the responsibility of SARU to report it to the IRB. It is the responsibility of MSSA to clear the opposition team before the match is played and if they are other nationalities it should be reported to the IeSF. But we know the IeSF hardly lives up to what it claims to be and is tainted with a history of bullshittery.

      Ultimately gaming does not work as a regulated sport. It should be left in the hands of the free market.

      • jeevadotnet

        Impi is Colin’s Laywer btw. Mr Carl Holiday, AFAIK. He trolls pro-MSSA on DGL as well.

        • Rags

          I thought he was Matatheni Mosotho?

          • http://www.jeeva.net/ RZR | jeeva

            May have changed but the general conclusion was that it was Colin’s lawyer through the early years on DGL

        • http://www.lazygamer.co Gavin Mannion

          Yeah I knew about him…

    • http://www.lazygamer.co Gavin Mannion

      Oh dear Impi… commenting and then harrasing wasn’t a good idea at all…

      Did I ever mention I studied Forensic Science while doing my Masters in Computer Science? Guess what I found out :)

  • JP

    I have been off the gaming scene for about a year now and prior to that i was heavily involved with the PC COD4 scene for a very long time, MSSA has always been a controversial topic, weird to see it still is lol… gl hf <3

  • Marc O Polo

    “I too need the following from you:
    The type of legal entity under which LazyGamer is operating,
    The address for service of notice, and
    The contact details for your legal counsel.”

    why on earth would you supply them with anything… if they wanna serve notice they need to find you!

    • Rags

      With the MSSA unable to find a proper Mexican team, I doubt they will be able to find these details on their own. 😀

      • Admiral Chief of Rivia

        Won’t be able to find their own a$$ even with two hands and a map

        • That Tall Twit

          Upvote engaged.

  • J

    Colin is a lawyer by profession afaik. Anyways gl, corruption and mishandling needs to be exposed.

  • jeevadotnet

    LG writes about this (MSSA) like this is something new, we’ve made mention of this over & over since MSSA got contracted to handle e-Sports almost a decade ago. AFAIK the fine used to be R150 000, which was moved down to R15 000 because R150k was so outrageous it caused an immediate burst of laughs.

    Just so… that every couple of years someone writes about this and then all of a sudden it is “NEW” and “LATEST IN INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM” OMG!

    Why don’t you rather write about MSSA’s fake proxy clubs that keeps him as chairperson by majority votes.

  • Craig Henry

    MSSA are a joke. They just upgraded to making royal asses of themselves, congrats Mr ” C A Webster” Just when I thought they couldn’t get any more pathetic, this guy decides to open his mouth.

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