A list of female gaming journalists in South Africa

Er Girl Fist.. no that sounds wrong

So we’ve heard how the gaming industry is dominated by males and is generally misogynistic in nature. Every time sex is used to sell a game by someone the feminists start burning things and claiming that females in general are being side-lined in this glorious industry.

And while some of that may be true in the greater scheme of things it doesn’t apply locally which I think is something we can all be very proud of.

We don’t usually link to our friends and enemies in other gaming media in South Africa for pretty obvious reasons but I think something like this deserves to be the exception.

This is a congratulations post to the South African gaming industry for being so open to both genders and while some may still try and say this isn’t true the facts speak for themselves.

Hear is a list of the female gaming journalists and reviewers that I’m aware of in South Africa. Let me know who I rudely missed and I’ll gladly add them.

Starting with the best publication, obviously, and then listing the rest in no specific order.

There is no doubt that females are still the minority in the industry but I think SA is doing a great job of showing that we support equality in this industry.

When it comes to the behind the scenes part of the industry the female influence is even stronger with at least 12 ladies dealing directly with the media on a daily basis which is more than the male contingent.. I won’t list them though as they may not want to made public, but needless to say every distributor is well represented by the fairer sex.

Oh and what’s with the header image? It’s a kick in the face to a site that actually used a similar image to seriously to boast about their numbers… so sad. Yes I’m bitchy and childish but I’m okay with that.

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