The gaming industry lost a great member today


Not many people would know the name Normand Corbeil, but yesterday Normand (56) died following his battle with Pancreatic Cancer and while his son remembers him as a loving father we would probably know him better as the co-composer of the original music from Indigo Prophecy and  Heavy Rain.

He was also going to be the lead composer for Quantic Deam’s latest title, Beyond: Two Souls.

It’s not often that gamers pay attention to the names behind the game and even less so when it comes to the audio score behind the game. But if you’ve ever played a single player game without volume you will realise the importance these great people have in our industry.

Our thoughts go out to Normand’s family at this time and would like to think the impact that Normand Corbeil had on an entire industry will help carry them through this loss.

His son, Laurend Corbeil, has asked for anyone who would like to donate in his fathers name to please donate to pancreatic cancer which is still killing far more people than should be allowed.

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Author:Gavin Mannion

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