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In Other News – 22 July 2014

HTC One M8 Review

Layoffs at PlayStation All-Stars studio


I’m really starting to wonder if there’ll be any medium-sized gaming developers left in the future. It seems that though the gaming industry as a whole is reporting huge revenues, they’re mostly profits from a small handful of blockbuster games of the Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto ilk, while smaller games from smaller companies are largely ignored. such seems to have been the case with SuperBot’s Smash Brothers clone, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Sony’s confirmed that the developer has been hit by a round of lay-offs. Of course, this isn’t particularly unusual for a project that’s recently come to fruition. The bigger problem though is that All-Stars just hasn’t performed particularly well. It’s a pretty solid fighting game in the Smash Brothers vein, but has been largely overlooked by the “hardcore” PlayStation fans it sought to serve. Is this post-launch workforce reduction, or a sign of something else?

SCEA can confirm that SuperBot Entertainment did make a reduction in their workforce today. The studio and SCEA remain committed to supporting PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale post launch, including developing the title’s forthcoming DLC releases in the coming months.”

All-Stars was one of the first retail titles to offer cross buy, where purchasing the PS3 version of the game gave players a code to download the game for the PlayStation Vita…which is neat, for all 7 PS3 and Vita owners.

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