In Other News – July 7, 2010


The hump-day is nearly over, and the weekend can never come quick enough now can it?

Today we a very driving-centric list of videos, as well as a Top 10 things female gamers hear on Xbox Live list that is sure to make you giggle a little. Yes guys (you know who you are), they really do wanna hook-up with you, even though you just blurted out the top 5 most sexist statements in the world. You go, you pimp you.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because Geoff was trying to buy me as a slave on Twitter today.


Epic Games: Kinect is an experiment
Irrational Games wants you to guess what they are working on
Playstation Store unleashes Modern Warfare 2 ‘Resurgence Pack’
Bad Company 2 Map Pack Releases Today
Top 10 most downloaded PSN games of June


Hideo Kojima discusses MGS: Rising and Castlevania
Are gamers sadistic people?
Top 10 things female gamers hear on Xbox Live


Gran Turismo 5 – New footage of Madrid track
F1 2010 – UK tracks and car diary
Test Drive Unlimited 2 Environments
Wipeout: How Not To: Sucker Punch

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