Did Dominic Monaghan confirm Uncharted 4?


Last week I was in an online conference interview with Dominic Monaghan, the lead actor in the XCOM Live Action Trailer embedded below.

During the interview he was being asked about which games he plays and it turns out that Dom is quite the gamer. Mostly PlayStation games but he’s played pretty much all the main games that are out at the moment and then he said something that surprised everyone.

I’m paraphrasing here but during his answer he said

But what I’m really looking forward to is playing Uncharted 4 next year

Instantly the chat window of journalists went nuts asking if Dom had just confirmed that there will be another episode in the Uncharted series and that we will see it in 2013. No one on the interview panel mentioned this again, unsurprisingly since this was a 2K event, and so it was left unsolved.

So can we take this as confirmation that Uncharted 4 is coming next year?

No, don’t be daft. He’s just a fan and is looking forward to it. There is absolutely no reason to believe he has any knowledge about the inner workings of Naughty Dog or their release schedule and while he’s a dashingly handsome man (just in case he’s reading this) he isn’t a Nathan Drake so I doubt he was tapped to be their live action star.

But even so, is Uncharted 4 coming next year?

Honestly I would be stunned to find out that it wasn’t. It’s a great series with a huge fanbase and there is no logical reason why Naughty Dog won’t continue riding that money train so yes I expect it next year.

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