1 Minute Madness Review – Tornado Outbreak – Playstation 3


We haven’t had a 1 minute madness review in a while but it returns this week with the a look at Tornado Outbreak for the Playstation 3.

Targeted more towards the younger crowd, Tornado Outbreak is a game born out of the Katamari formula and has you playing as a, err, I’m going to go with Tornado elemental, tearing down levels to achieve objectives and trying to finish levels in a set amount of time.

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You begin levels as a tiny tornado and have to terrorise small objects such as plants and chickens in order to grow in size, the more you grow in size, the bigger the objects that you can destroy. You have to seek out little fire creatures that are hiding in objects in order to absorb them to power a device that creates shade for you to operate in. There is a story attached, which is nothing too special but on the whole the story mode itself is short and can become repetitive very quickly.

The graphics are cute, albeit very last-gen and some unnecessary loading times may get on your nerves a little here and there.

Tornado Outbreak isn’t a bad game, it has it’s fun factor but ultimately feels like it should have been released as a PSN game at a lower price point instead of a full title on a disc.

Score: 7/10

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