Only In Japan: Breast Fondling as Marketing.


Anyone who’s played anything made by Tecmo’s Team Ninja – particularly anything under the helm of Itagaki – would know that they place a fair bit of emphasis on breasts and their accompanying physics. Coupled with the fact that sex undoubtedly sells it should come as no surprise that Tecmo are using the adult male’s favourite playthings as a marketing tool. Slightly surprising? The way they’re doing it – and the game they’re marketing.

Tecmo have – in their infinite wisdom – put up a pair of wall mounted breasts to advertise Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, of all things. Of course, the only indication that the public display has anything whatsoever to do with anything is a bit of smallprint in the lower right hand corner. Bless you, Japan.

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  • dislekcia

    Love the hands holding up the poster… Just enough to make people wonder if the breasts are real or not!

  • darthdad

    I ask, in all honesty why this story is not getting more replies than the “ID-rage” one?
    This is where it’s at people! :silly:

  • dislekcia

    There aren’t multiple competing makes of breasts out there, you get breast owners and breast fanboys, so there’s no real argument potential 😉

  • http://hjhjhjh lpo

    :heart: :w00t:

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