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Captain America is the supervillain we deserve as his endgame begins

Captain America goes full-on supervillain this month as he outlines the endgame of everything that he is working towards.

In Other News – 25 August 2016

Here’s all the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy explaining macro photography.

Ed Boon has teased Mortal Kombat XL for PC

It looks like Mortal Kombat XL will make its way to PC, many months after it launched on console. Ed Boon teased the release in a tweet.

Cooler Master Release MasterCase Pro 5 NVIDIA Edition

Cooler Master release NVIDIA themed MasterCase Pro 5, exclusive through Rebeltech

Owlboy nearly set to soar after eight years in development

Owlboy has been in development for close to a decade, but it’s finally ready to spread its wings and take flight soon.

The right person for the job–Finding your niche in eSports

Stuck in a job but want to work in eSports? You might be able to lend a hand as the industries grows. Let’s discuss how this is possible.

Players will hunt the Gorgon Queen in Evolve’s new co-op mode

Evolve has a new co-op mode compliments of the Deepest Dark update. Based on how it performs, Turtle Rock may implement a fully fledged campaign in future.

Sony rolls out Two Step Verification for a more secure PlayStation Network

As an opt-in, users can now enjoy the benefits of better PlayStation Network security. You’re safe, even if your password does end up being compromised.

This new trailer for RINGS is not real

Samara is back, angry and is ready to go beyond the TV screen in this first new trailer for the horror film Rings.

The Tyrant That Rules The Rift: How Riot Games is stifling competitive League of Legends

Riot needs to stop playing ruler of the Rift and rather be a participant in an incredible and inspiring competitive League of Legends scene

Doug Liman exits Gambit to direct Justice League Dark live-action movie

Ditching Gambit for for the supernatural, it looks like Justice League Dark lives again with Edge of Tomorrow’s Doug Liman set to direct.

Link struggles to swing a sword in new Breath of the Wild gameplay

Another short clip of Breath of the Wild gameplay shows off the various weapons Link will have access to, and how each of them changes combat slightly.

Say hello to the bad guy with these new screenshots for WWE 2K17

Another week, another batch of new superstars being revealed for WWE 2K17. But at least one of them, is one hell of a bad guy.

The reveal of Overwatch’s mystery character Sombra seems imminent

The Overwatch fan base has been on a wild goose chase for weeks now, all in search of the shooter’s mysterious 23rd character, Sombra. The hunt could be winding down to a close soon however. New clues have popped up, and they’re counting down to… something.

Call of Duty 2 vastly improved through Xbox One’s backwards compatibility

The Xbox One’s backwards compatibility continues to be powered by black magic, improving frame rates and general performance in the Xbox 360’s Call of Duty 2.