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New, original heroes are coming to Dota 2 soon

I know what you're thinking. The International is over, so why is there still DOTA news taking up space on the main page? Well that's simple, DOTA 2 is a damned good multiplayer game that will probably never get old, and very soon Valve is going to add their own footprint on the game.
This trailer for 50 SHADES OF GREY likes to be in control

This trailer for 50 SHADES OF GREY likes to be in control

Many years ago, there was a high budget film that attempted to be artistic soft pornorgraphy for the masses. That movie was Showgirls, and was it one hell of a flop. I’ve got a feeling that while 50 Shades Of Grey will most likely make perhaps far too [continue @ themovies]

No Man’s Sky is unfathomably large

E3 darling No Man’s Sky is trying to do something that’s never been done in a videogame before; create a procedurally generated entire universe. And it looks like it’s succeeding; the developer, Hello Games, has had to fire off bots in to the far reaches of its virtual space to send back screenshots of distant digital worlds.  It’s a game of unprecedented scale, making Minecraft look a bit silly.

The Order: 1886 would not be possible on any other console

Steampunk! Werewolves! And not one single reference to Van Helsing...yet. The Order: 1886 is looking like one confused PS4 exclusive. I've seen most of the trailers and I still can't decide whether or not it excites me. One thing I am sure about is how damn gorgeous the game looks, and apparently that's all thanks to the PS4.

CliffyB’s Boss key on a hiring spree

Clifford Bleszinski, one of those public game developers that you love – or love to hate – is making a “not-a-comeback” return to videogames. His studio’s first game is a free-to-play PC arena shooter called BlueStreak. He formed the studio, Boss Key, with Jazz Jackrabbit collaborator Arjan Brussee – and now the company’s on a bit of a hiring spree.

Star Wars Battlefront may release closer to Episode VII

Star Wars Battlefront may be on the way, but it’s still going to be a long, long time before we get to play the game. And that could be because EA wants it to launch in time for the next cinematic chapter of Star Wars.

Sony settles hacking class-action suit

If you’re like me, you’re unable to remember what happened yesterday. Some of you may have better memories that stretch back as far as 2011. If you possess that sort of retention, you may recall that Sony’s PlayStation Network was hacked and Sony lost up to 77 million people’s sensitive information. They eventually offered affected customers a free game or two – but for many that wasn’t enough. Those people initiated a class action law suit, which has now very nearly settled

Get The Sims for free this month

Last week I told you how The Sims 2 was losing support from EA, but that everyone who owned a copy of The Sims 2 would get upgraded to the Ultimate Collection. Well, now EA is sweetening the deal, just in time to get you excited for The Sims 4.

Leaked Nvidia 800 series benchmarks show massive performance jumps

I've known that my PC is due for a serious upgrade since the beginning of this year. The Nvidia flagship cards out now have been extremely tempting, but I've been told time and time again that the 800 series be worth the long wait. It's been difficult, but if these leaked benchmarks are anything to go by that wait might indeed have been worthwhile.

The Xbox One as desirable as Wii U after E3

E3 is such a strange experience. At its core, it's still a trade show designed to show off the goods that publishers will be pushing in the coming months and years. While journalists and distributors seem to think about E3 the most when planning their calendars, it's also a big deal for consumers, and helps to formulate buying patterns. This year's E3 shook things up a bit.

Ooga chakka! Guardians Of The Galaxy announced for Disney Infinity 2.0

If you’re following my good chum (and occasional WWE tag team partner) Kervyn on Twitter, you might have noticed that he hasn’t stopped spouting  hyperbole about just how damn good the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie is. And that’s awesome. That film is out next week, with more Disney on the way in September. And the Guardians are going to be causing some trouble in the new playsets. I AM GROOT!