In Other News – 6 August 2010


Did you know that Chuck Norris was dropped twice as a baby? The first time was on this day in 1945 on the Japanese town of Hiroshima – killing 66000 people instantly and effectively beginning the end of the Second World War. On a much more pleasant note though, Sunday is women’s day – so treat your lady extra special. Regular reader Milni06 is doing just that this Sunday, by marrying his – so congratulations to them both.

Here’s the news we didn’t post because Nick’s been waxing his chest and spray-painting on a faux six-pack.

Satan vs Jesus (Is this the worst flash game ever made?)
Interactive, ridiculously Awesome Scott Pilgrim Trailer


Kid Icarus 3DS: ‘Pit Feels like a New Character’
NES DJ Hero Full of Chiptune Awesomeness
Eyetoy Creator Rubbishes Kinect
Once You Go 3D, it’s Hard To Go Back
Black Ops Will be Activision’s Biggest Investment EVER


New Deus Ex Screenshots
Whiny Sonic Fanboys Hating on DIMPS
Videogame Song Medley
Read Dead Redemption’s Odd Moral Code


New Vanquish Trailer

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    4 hours ago g4tv a sony rep has confirmed that gran turismo 5 will feature rain and snow!!!!!!


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