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In Other News – 24 April 2014

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In Other News – 20 November 2012


It’s hard to believe, but with Hitman: Absolution out today, 2012 is almost finished when it comes to gaming. Besides Family Guy, Far Cry 3 and a scant few other titles, that’s it. December is empty of new releases, and the next big game release is DmC in January. It hasn’t been at the same level as 2011  in terms of games released, but 2012 has been pretty good overall.

In Other News: Hawken goes beta for a third time, Black Ops 2 gets a patch, Hitman starts a Human Revolution, Nintendo says hacking ain’t no thang, Liam Neeson extends his rage towards mobsters and strippers weigh in on video game strippers.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy being horrified by Geoff and his manly moustache creations.


Sir, you are being hunted by stealthy alpha footage
Nintendo says that yesterday’s Miiverse hack was a mock-up
New Hotline Miami content will more likely be a sequel
This new game from Microsoft charges by the hour
Hawken third closed beta kicks off today
Blizzard files complaint to acquire Heroes of Warcraft domain
Black Ops 2 patch expected today
Hitman Absolution: Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC detailed


But what does a stripper think about Hitman’s stripper nuns?
The future of gaming graphics
What’s the grey market like for the Wii U?


The Banner Saga – Developer Diary: Factions
ZombiU  -Find yourself gameplay
Batman Arkham CITY – Wii U launch trailer

Across the Network

James Wan and company are returning for Insidious Chapter 2
Keeping it local with the trailer for Bustin’ Chops
You can wish it away until you’re blue in the face – The new teaser trailer and synopsis for Smurfs 2
The pirates of Somalia might just be a High Value Target
Out with the new school, in with the old in this trailer for Parental Guidance
From dirty looks to duelling axes in these nex pictures for Walter Hill and Sylvester Stallone’s Bullet to the head
We Review The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Flawed as ever, but also surprisingly fun
Liam Neeson is going to pull an All Nighter taking out some mobsters

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