In Other News – 20 March 2012


Is there anything better than a midweek break, especially when said public holiday saves us from waht could be an epic day of deadlines and piles of work? Probably, but I don’t see such alternative pleasures coming my way any time soon, so I’ll take what I can get.

I’ll be catching up with old friends, indulging in some on screen violence and finally seeing some movies that have eluded me for a while, tomorrow. How about you guys, got anything special planned?

In Other News: Xbox gets some Zynga love, Batman gets a bat-upgrade to the Batputer and we successfuly complete Operation Goliath in Mass Effect 3.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post, because I was late for my regular trip to go donate blood platelets.


Xbox gains Zynga support
Notch – Forget DRM, focus on the honest people
World of Warcraft devs are slowly trickling to Project Titan
Dragons Lair for XBLA will support both Kinect and regular controllers
Batman Arkham City on PC will be getting an improved performance and crossfire patch soon
Serious Sam 3 BFE has some serious DLC on the way
An indie dev gives us infinite Doom
Operation Goliath in Mass Effect 3 is a success as over 3 million brutes have been slain


All this Mass Effect 3 insanity is setting a nasty precedent
The top 7 watchable TVs in games
Where have all of the hardcore shooters gone?
Yes, Ninja Gaiden suck, but you have no reason to complain. Here’s why


World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria – The Jade World
Silent Hill HD Downpour – Terrifying gameplay trailer
Bioshock Infinite – Heavy Hitters trailer

Across the Networks

The Chernobyl Diaries makes extreme tourism sound like a bad idea
This lightsaber instructional video will ruin Star Wars for you
The new trailer for Sno White and the Huntsman has more mirror mirror, dwarves and action
The sound of my voice trailer – Those kooky cults are at it again
By Odins beard! Idris Elba signs up for a long walk to freedom
Midweek mouth-off – SA Cinema conditions
Piranha 3DD Red Band trailer – Now with NSFW boobs!
John Carter will make a $200 million loss according to Disney
Science has just improved on the hot dog
Haptic feedback tattoos from Nokia set a new bar for tramp stamps
Free apps might be the very reason why your iPhone battery lasts less than a day

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