In Other News – 18 February 2013


The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition is the only Collector’s Edition of a game I’ve considered buying in forever. I’m a vanilla sort of guy, generally refusing to shell out extra money for a handful of digital baubles and cheaply made statues that do little but gather dust once the game has been beaten. There’s something so damned alluring about the prospect of playing Fallout 4 with a functional Pip Boy attached to my arm.


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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    “There’s something so damned alluring about the prospect of laying Fallout 4 with a functional Pip Boy attached to my arm” – Wow, Geoff. I know people love Fallout, but… wow. I think I need more coffee.

    • Admiral Chief’s Adventure

      IKR? Hole seems WAY too big for him

      • Lord Chaos

        It takes a village?

    • Geoffrey Tim

      Not even a typo.

      • Admiral Chief’s Adventure


    • Dark_Kitarist

      I’m gonna play the whole game with it attached to my arm 😀 soo soo glad I got it…

  • Admiral Chief’s Adventure

    Heh, Vanilla Tim

  • Admiral Chief’s Adventure

    Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing?

    NO collectors DLC!

    Can it be? Are the guys learning?

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      Praise the SUN!

    • Dark_Kitarist

      Don’t say anything yet… There is still time for them to add it 😀

  • Lord Chaos

    They haven’t even listed the normal one on takealot, I can only find it at BT…

    • Timmy_The_Good_Troll

      Try CNA online , R399 for PC

      • Captain JJ Browmehn

        Their site won’t accept my, or any of my friend’s payments. Tried a hundred times and every time I try to pay it says “Payment failed”.

        • Admiral Chief’s Adventure

          Strange, I’ve been getting ‘DONATIONS’ from CNA a few times.

          Maybe you need to try a few more times, just to see if I’m correct?

          • Captain JJ Browmehn

            Let me give it another try. This time I’ll put in -R2,000 and see what happens ;P

  • Klipkop1980

    So no Virginity Protectors for us…..:(

  • David Weatherhead

    Sad panda :'(

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Guys… I hate to do this to you, but look at it, it’s made out of plastic. You’ll look like one of those kids with those oversized Ben 10 watches on their wrists. Take a deep breath, put down the credit card. You shouldn’t pay R1400 more for a R150 toy.

    • Hesperus Phosphorus

      It’s an awesome idea – this whole F4 collector’s ed. – but the Pip Boy does look pretty China-factory tjiep.

      • Dark_Kitarist

        Ha… Today everything is made in China, Taiwan or Bangladesh… And as time progressed things from China are becoming a LOT better 😀

        PS. Still doesn’t change the fact that they could have made it a bit more rustic and added some patina… Still maybe they went for the “brand new” pip-boy style 😀

    • Pariah

      Thank god someone still retains their senses when Fallout is mentioned. Agreed man.

    • Captain JJ Browmehn

      I agree with you. I’ve seen MUCH better looking fan-made pip-boys on ebay at a fraction of the price that I would much rather buy. It doesn’t need a Bethesda stamp to be a pip-boy, it just needs to look decent.

      • Dark_Kitarist

        In my heart it looks like the most awesome thing in the world! It’s a freaking pip boy!!!

  • Captain JJ Browmehn

    That looks really cheap imo

  • David Weatherhead

    Guess I will have to just make my own Pip-Boy then.

    • Dark_Kitarist

      I’m probably gonna make a 3D model myself and then print the plastics and add some metal onto that to make it feel more robust. Then add some paint and patina, maybe some leather on the inner part and maybe even add a pip-boy glove :D. After that I’ll use a Raspberry Pi and a 10″ screen from Deal Extreme and make an actual functioning Pip-boy… Hell I even saw some people on the net making a mini Geiger counter for an Pip-boy inspired app to showcase at NASA 😀 Maybe I’ll do that too 😀

  • Cragdoll

    This game is going to be more buggy than the dog

  • Whatever

    You may never get to own because of the a-holes who have pre-ordered them, then immediately created an artificial demand by selling them at 3-4 times their value on Ebay. Now I would not care if they sold out and I was “left behind” if they were not available on Ebay.

  • Wh1t3gh0st .

    Thankfully, I preordered mine before the hoarders could overprice this by 4000%.

  • Joe Blow

    It’s for the best, the Pipboy is just a plastic toy piece of junk, go on Etsy and buy yourself a badass metal one

    • pipboynoob

      the ones on etsy also is made of plastic and it can cost $100-$200 for that 3D printed plastic with no screen.

  • V3N0M

    Guys, your savior is here!
    Raru has this edition available for pre-order. PC already sold out though. I managed to get the XBOX ONE version.

    Personal note : I have an Xbox 360, it will work right…right…yeah… ;(

  • jim plu
    • Dark_Kitarist

      AhAHAHHAHAHA it’s been removed 😀 I hope that all listings are removed… Damn sharks… I bought one Pip-Boy edition and that’s that…