In Other News – 06 February 2013


Space, the like totally final frontier. These are the adventures of the Starship Lazygamer. It’s ongoing mission: To explore strange new games and DLC. To seek out new DLC and content drops. To boldly go where no website has gone before, or until we run out of space-gas. DAAA DADADA DAAA DAAAA DIDIDIDADADADADIDAAAAAAAH! (Now imagine the Lazygamer crew as members of the Enterprise. Happy dreams!)

In Other News:  More atatatatatata! modes, the art and weapons of Dead Space 3, Zynga closes down some four-month old games, inside the Witcher 3, Capcom is having a popularity contest, Deadpool has a huge gun and Paul Walker is Agent 47.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were putting warp engines on Yolanda’s Fiat Uno.


An artist’s impression of the Playstation 4
Rumour – Project Gotham Racing 5 linked with UK studio
In this game, your job is to distinguish between tourists and potential terrorists,smugglers and spies
The Witcher 3 – First screens show off in-game world
Zynga closing three games, including Cityville 2
Capcom polling to find out which Street Fighter characters are popular for future games
Get a good look at Deadpool’s huge gun
Gears of War Judgement has gone gold


The cold and not so lonely art of Dead Space 3
Mike Pondsmith on reinventing Cyberpunk
30 days before Tomb Raider
Seven life-saving tips for battling the necromorphs in Dead Space 3


Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 – Modes trailer
Metal Gear Rising – Unmanned gears trailer
Dead Space 3 – Weapon guide

Across the Network

Disney confirms plans for standalone Star Wars films
Paul Walker is going to be a rebooted Hitman
Chriss Pratt has been cast as the first of the Guardians of the Galaxy
Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods hits cinemas later this year
The Hobbit arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray next month
Midweek Mouth Off – Future hits and helmers
Get more cars, kickass girls and even bigger explosions in these 16 new images and extended trailer for Fast and Furious 6
Official plot synopsis for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 released

Model: Joanna Krupa

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