This Real Life Mario Kart is amazing

This Real Life Mario Kart is amazing

It’s that time again. Time to get some value out of the annual subscription that you’ve got hooked up to your console of choice. You all know the deal by now: PlayStation owners have their PS Plus membership from which to grab a few free games every month, while Xbox owners can make use of their Xbox Live subscription to get in on those Games With Gold offers. (more…)

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  • Captain JJ Fantasticus

    I wasn’t that fond of How to Survive. I think I bought it for a dollar on Steam, but it just felt a bit like too much rinse and repeat. I like the idea behind it though.
    All Metro games are brilliant though. Not as creepy as the book was, but it excludes the ranting of the main character from the book, so that’s quite nice.

  • Hammersteyn

    360 wins again, by a friggin long shot

    • WitWolfy

      It’s times like these I wish the Xbone’s BC was in full swing. Would be friggin awesome to play all those games on one console.

    • Matthew Holliday

      i dunno, that how to survive game looked pretty interesting, if a bit janky.
      and its not like most gamers havent already played metro. and metro has been given away for free befor, been on humble bundles when they were still dirt cheap and steam sales for 5$

  • Guild

    Didn’t these games already release on PSN? Still a great lineup though