Nintendo bans user for letting his niece draw a picture


How serious are Nintendo about protecting children on its online network? So serious that they banned a user for simply allowing his niece to draw a picture using his account.

According to a piece on Neogaf a user by the name of suikodan was allowing his 11 year old niece to play Skylanders Giants on his console after which he showed her the Miiverse. She loved the drawings that others had made and so made her own drawing and signed it as an 11 year old.

1 week later his account was deleted and all that he had from Nintendo was an email stating that children need parental consent to create an account online. And when I said deleted I meant it. They didn’t disable his account they nuked it.

After phoning and speaking to some very capable people the user was given a new account with enough credit to re-purchase any items he had previously purchased.

Overboard? Just a little but when it comes to Nintendo I prefer to know that they are taking the safety of my kids seriously. Maybe next time they should just disable the account until it is proven that the rules were broken.

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Author:Gavin Mannion

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