Will Sony’s PlayStation 4 be last out of the gate?


Microsoft kicked off this generation of consoles with the Xbox 360, getting a head-start on the competition by a year. It gave them a pretty significant lead, and helped the Xbox become the number one console in North America. You’d imagine that Sony would do its best to get the jump with next-gen – but you’d be wrong.

Speaking to The Times (via IGN), Sony’s president of everything responded to the question of whether or not the PlayStation 4 will lead the next-generation salvo, Kaz Hirai teased that it might not.

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

It’s an answer that smacks with a tad of ironic hypocrisy; Sony was in position to do just that with the PlayStation 3 – but released a year later, the PS3 wasn’t fundamentally any more powerful than the Xbox 360 that preceded it.

That might actually be their plan this time; release a later, but significantly more powerful console than the competition. Or perhaps, seeing as they’ve managed to whittle away the 360’s global lead to nothing this generation, they’ll look to do the same in the next.

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Author:Geoffrey Tim

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