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Season 1 of the Polarfluke SECS has kicked off, ASF have secured a spot in the playoffs, who will join them?

There have been a very impressive amount of 18 teams entering the Sunday Evening Cup Series hosted by Polarfluke. Some well known clans like Bravado Gaming and SSG being some of them, we also see the newly made MGO Energy eSports competing. How are these teams doing? Let’s take a look at the results.

Week 1

Week 1 Brackets


Winner’s Bracket:
Winner: This and That (TNT): 8 Points (-4 Penalty Points) = 4 Points
Runner-Up: ASF: 6 Points
3rd-4th: LEGS, Bravado Gaming: 4 Points
5th-8th: Mongaloids [MeMe], SSG, Revo, Sligs (-$l1gS-): 2 Points

Loser’s Bracket:
Winner: Brothers of Knysna (b0k): 3 Points
Runner-Up: plays: 2 Points
3rd-4th: MaF – Mid and Feed, Sarcastic Sages: 1 Point

Week 2

Week 2 Brackets


Winner’s Bracket:
Winner: : ASF: 8 Points
Runner-Up: This and That (TNT): 6 Points
3rd-4th: Energy eSports, Veneration Esports (VnR): 4 Points
5th-8th: Yeah Buddy (yB), JINDBN, Matt’s FUN Buddies (MfB), SSG: 2 Points

Loser’s Bracket:
Winner: Organized Chaos Gaming (OcG): 2 Points
Runner-Up: FSU: 1 Point

Overall Standings:

1st: ASF: 14 Points
2nd: This and That (TNT): 10 Points
3rd: Energy eSports: 8 Points 
4th-6th: Bravado Gaming, Veneration Esports (VnR), SSG: 4 Points
7th: Brothers of Knysna (b0k): 3 Points
8th-15th: Mongaloids [MeMe], Revo, Implicit, plays, Yeah Buddy (yB), JINDBN, Matt’s FUN Buddies (MfB), Organized Chaos Gaming (OcG): 2 Points: 2 Points
16th-18th: MaF – Mid and Feed, Sarcastic Sages, FSU: 1 Point

Week 3 registrations are now open. There’s only one week open to gather some points, If I were any good at math I would have made some predictions, but I totally suck at it! Who do you think is going to end up in the playoffs with ASF?

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