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Watch The International America Qualifiers right here!


I’ll confess that I don’t have an inkling as to the appeal of The International. But that makes me part of a very small minority, judging by the size of the fanbase. The American Qualifiers for the latest International of DOTA 2 kicks off soon. Here’s your SuperSperts schedule for it in order to get some viewing done.

The action starts at at 18:00 PM local time. If you’re an international reader, that means you’ll have to adjust your watch (Use this link), as these are South African times for the various matches. Here’s the schedule, as well as the streams that you can catch them on:

  • Revenge vs. Isurus  – 18:00 BTS 1
  • SNA  vs. SotP – 18:00 BTS 2
  • CNB vs. Top5 – 18:00 BTS 3
  • eHug vs. Union – 18:00 HGTV
  • CNB vs. NES 19:20 BTS 1
  • Top5 vs. eHug 19:20 HGTV
  • SotP vs. NAR 19:20 BTS 3
  • Isurus vs. SNA 19:20 BTS 2
  • Liquid vs. Revenge 20:40 BTS 1
  • NAR vs. Isurus 20:40 BTS 2
  • Union vs. CNB 20:40 BTS 3
  • eHug vs. SotP 20:40 HGTV
  • SNA vs. Liquid 22:00 BTS 1
  • NES vs. Union 22:00 BTS 2
  • SotP vs. Top5 22:00 BTS 3
  • Isurus vs. CNB 22:00 HGTV
  • Isurus vs. eHug 23:20 HGTV
  • Top5 vs. NES 23:20 BTS 3
  • Liquid vs. CNB 23:20 BTS 2
  • Revenge vs. SNA 23:20 BTS 1
  • NAR vs. Revenge 00:40 BTS 2
  • eHug vs. Liquid 00:40 BTS 1
  • Union vs. SotP 00:40 BTS 3
  • NES vs. [138] SNA 00:40 HGTV
  • Union vs. Top5 02:00 HGTV
  • SNA vs. CNB 02:00 BTS 2
  • Isurus vs. NES 02:00 BTS 3
  • Liquid vs. NAR 02:00 BTS 1

A massive thanks to Ben Steenhuisen for the schedule and getting the local times for us. As for watching, you can use the following streams to do so:


GD Studio

Austin ‘TheCapitalist’ Walsh


Joindota community stream

North America

Beyond The Summit studio

Secondary Beyond The Summit stream

Third Beyond The Summit stream

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  • Skuifspeld

    Thanks for this! Super excited for TI4!

  • hairyknees

    Yay! :D/

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