This Pixar influenced Portal film looks amazing so far


We love movies over here at Lazygamer. You might know that, you might not, seeing as we also work on a totally awesome film news website, that caters to lovers of the silver screen. And if there is one genre of film that I love more than a marathon of Batman films, it has to be proper animation.

Pixar happens to be the king of such great animation, although their films lately have begun to become a little too formulaic, with that whole “Be true to yourself” theme running in every single one.

Maybe they should ditch the talking inanimate objects, and switch on over for a few portals instead, like Alex Zempe has done.

Zemke is currently working on a short animated version of Portal, called Companionship, which he describes as a “tale of love, loss and cubes”. And its not just a case of a fan who happens to be quite talented with his hands, dipping them into unfamiliar waters here, as Zemke happens to be a seasoned animator.


His resume includes work on several Sony properties, such as The Smurfs and the first two Uncharted games, so he’s certainly experienced in his field. If you want to see more of Zemke and his work, then take a gander at his Deviantart page.


Y’know, if he had to start a Kickstarter initiative for this, I’d be break my monitor in an attempt to directly give it some of my dollars. In the meantime, if you have to see some sort of CGI film that has a plucky lady taking charge of her life, maybe the upcoming Pixar film, Brave, will be more to your liking.  

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys

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