The Elder Scrolls Online Preview: Tamrielly un-fun 

Zoe Hawkins
February 10, 2014 at 3:30 pm

It was a mission playing The Elder Scrolls Online Beta this weekend for a variety of reasons. In the end, I managed to log a bunch of hours with my awesome Red Guard character, but is this the next big thing or will the hype train pass us by on this one?

The Elder Scrolls Online

To begin, there were a load of technical issues with the beta. Granted, this is sort of what a beta is for – find the problems and fix them before the game officially launches. That said, the expectations for our patience and willingness to test broken code was rather frustrating. I was actually unable to download the 22GB client – my downloads kept crashing or breaking and the speeds were abysmal. Others managed to download 21GB before a file became corrupted, forcing players to download the whole thing again. So, this preview is only possible because of our amazing community member, BacchusZA, who left the comfort of his home to meet me for food and drink and file transfers.

Elder Scrolls games in general have a standard starting formula – throw a ton of lore at the character, put them in a prison as a tutorial phase, and then release them into a large, open world with more quests than they know what to do with. The MMO mostly follows this. You begin as a prisoner of Molag Bal with the standard “talk to this person, then this one, and then kill this guy to escape” routine, heavily padded with Elder Scrolls lore. Once free, you begin in your faction start area – an open world environment that is more reminiscent of the cloistered start areas from World of Warcraft than the expansive and intimidating open world of Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls Online bridge

The large download was certainly focused on all the assets in the game – there is no denying that it’s a very pretty MMO. You simply can’t compare it to the older games like WoW or Warhammer Online – the textures, environments and character models are worlds ahead. I particularly appreciated the ability to change perspective; a simply scroll of the mouse wheel had me moving from first-person to third-person perspective, making the game much more playable for me. However, my motion sickness from first-person did highlight the fact that the animations and uneven frame rates are not what they should be – I have mostly cured my first person-induced nausea but it returned with a vengeance until I zoomed out to third person.

While the game is pretty, it is lacking in environment and NPC animations. Sure, the game is still in beta and maybe that will be turned on when the polishing is done. However, it made the pretty textures seem redundant when the world was so stiff – it would have been nice to see more environmental effects and maybe even some better NPC interactions. Additionally, some clipping issues combined with the clear lack of substance of enemies (yes, even clipping issues with enemies that proved they were immaterial) undermined the overall visual quality of the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online M kai

My favorite part of TESO was the leveling up system. The game allows you to fully customize your character; despite playing as a Red Guard, I chose to still follow a Damage per Second, rogue character build despite playing as a Tank race. The skills I used leveled up accordingly, allowing my character to grow in the direction I wanted her to. You can allocate attribute points to generally improve health, damage or magic, while skill points can be used for passive or active skills in a variety of trees. Should you choose, you could spend all your skill points in crafting as opposed to fighting skills – it depends entirely on your unique play style. Skills can also level up as you play and use them – adding to the feeling that you are actually improving at specific tasks rather than a generic leveling up “ding”.

While The Elder Scrolls Online was a fair amount of fun, it falls victim to the usual MMO traps. I spent most of my time looking for quest markers and then running through the laundry list of activities instead of  paying real attention to what was going on. There were some story/plot quests, but for the most part they were just activities to help players level up without it feeling like pure grinding. At least the quests avoided the usual “kill x number of enemies” formula – I rescued some NPCs while disguised as a pirate, went into dungeons while searching for items and cured one man of insanity. However, in the grand scheme of gaming, it ended up feeling like an inconsequential series of tasks – I can only hope that these activities pay off or have some impact later on in the game.

The elder scrolls online

Sure, The Elder Scrolls Online is massive, and there is some impressive voice acting and vision in the game. However, most fans of The Elder Scrolls games love it because of the expansive, single player experience. While running around in Tamriel this weekend, I didn’t see anything that truly differentiated this game from an experience possible in Skyrim, Morrowind or Oblivion. Yes, it is pretty and fresh and new – but it seems to lose out on the joy of a single player game without adding in anything special in multiplayer. Considering that the game will require a monthly subscription, I just don’t see the added value in paying for this MMORPG.

It’s important to realize that this was just a beta – I won’t even complain about server issues or login queues; they are doing the beta so that these issues can be resolved in time for launch. However, I’m curious about what The Elder Scrolls Online can bring to the table to make me want to pay to play it every month. Sure, I’ve already become attached to my character, but I can replicate that experience in any good single player RPG.

TESO Error 37

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  • Outer Limits Pta

    Had the opportunity to play the Beta this weekend. I Was extremely sceptical going in. It is however an Elder Scrolls game to the core, I also had very little issues with regards to Queues and Lag. I am now very very tempted! The game really feels just like an Elder Scrolls game should. And with regards to a subscription model, I actually prefer this as it doesn’t turn the game into a cheap gimmick. The amount is a little steep however, especially considering the price for the game itself. That being said, I do believe I will be picking it up.

    • ToshZA

      Well the thing is: if you don’t PvP (like many of us) then you’re better off buying Skyrim Legendary Edition, downloading the myriad FREE mods, and enjoying your experience there. It’ll be cheaper, for the same experience.

      • Jacob Richardson

        If you don’t like PvP then you’re still free to play in PvE. You aren’t better off buying Skyrim if you want group content.

        After reading most of your comments it is clear that you stand for a few things:
        1. You don’t like the subscription model.
        2. You don’t want to play in PvP.
        3. You haven’t experienced group content in the game.
        4. You’re judging ESO on the opinions of a writer who barely scratched the surface of the game.

        If you don’t want to pay for the game? Don’t. There is no alternative to that one.

        If you don’t want to play PvP: Don’t. There is plenty of PvE content and there has already been large group content promised by the developers for end-game on launch.

        If you haven’t experienced group content: You’re missing the point of an MMO and I just don’t have the time, energy or will to explain to you how many ways that you’re wrong.

        If you’re judging ESO on the opinion of this or ANY writer: You’re already wrong. Go play the Beta. Make your own opinions. When the game goes live, watch some streaming of it and make your opinions that way. Don’t take the opinion of some writer and make it your own, regurgitating their experiences as your own.

        I’ve no intention to comment on this further, but feel free to reply.

      • Outer Limits Pta

        Already done that with Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. This just feels that little bit more epic though and I am referring specifically to the PvE content. I am not really a PvP player (even though that part of the ESO content is great) the PvE is what really attracts me to the game. Like I said I was incredibly sceptical until I finally got to play the Beta this weekend.

      • Sage

        Yes, there has been a bunch of focus on PVP, but this is not a full open world PVP game. There is a lot for PVPer’s, but a lot for PVEer’s as well. Questing is fun, there will be 2 player content for PVE, There is even 12 player content for PVE and the standard 4 player dungeons. you can argue any invalid point you want…though i would prefer if you would draw your opinion from facts.

  • Korinth

    And the more reviewers I see that prove thier ignorance of the game, while providing opinions makes me sad. Redguard was NEVER intended to be a tanking class as the author states. All thier racial perks are for DPS. However you can level them as a tanking class. Your racial abilities just wont help much.
    There are rough edges (this is my 4th beta test) …but the level of improvement the devs have made between betas (as short as 1 month in this case between the last beta) is astounding. Im sure they will have more bugs to work even after release, but can anyone name ONE MMO that didnt?
    Im pre-ordered and cant wait. My whole SWTOR guild is ditching Star Wars and moving to TESO. What is cool is almost everyone in my guild got into this Beta test, and only one has said “Maybe I will play”…all the rest were sad to see Beta close monday night.

  • Del Horton

    Hope this doesn’t get me in hot water with ESO…but I loved it. Am 58, retired and ready to play more.
    It was great. Bought the pre order.

  • jp_antill

    I loved the beta of this game. It starts off a little slow and it seemed a lot of people were having trouble adapting from others mmos (WoW) and accepting that anything different is not worse but by about level 10 there was plenty to do (dungeons, pvp, public quests etc). The crafting system was also really nice once you spent the time to understand it.

    • ToshZA

      Ok, so please read the last 2 paragraphs of the preview. Basically, this is a fun game, but nothing new, and not worth a sub fee AT THE MOMENT. She specifies, this is still a beta. She’s still curious to see how the game develops. This isn’t a final say.

      Dear lord people, READ.

      • jp_antill

        The point is this preview article is broadly saying things like “I can replicate that experience in any good single player RPG”, “I didn’t see anything that truly differentiated this game” and “it seems to lose out on the joy of a single player game without adding in anything special in multiplayer” when the author clearly never made it to a level where any of the things that are different about ESO were possible. The author has no idea if it’s “not worth a sub fee AT THE MOMENT” because she never experienced the game and yet that is clearly what people are taking away from these previews that keep coming up from people based on a couple hours of play. I would agree that maybe they need to make those first few hours more exciting and bring in more multiplayer content earlier but it still doesn’t make sense to make these sort of statements on it before trying out the full game.

        • ToshZA

          These are her honest impressions though, and she states that its still Beta and things could change. It DOES make sense for her to say this, because its the truth of her impressions. Not everyone is going to hardcore no-life for the entire weekend to experience everything the beta could offer. Please realise that many people have lives over weekends, plans, things to do, people to see, time to spend with their spouses. You cannot seriously expect her, or any journalist to sacrifice their entire life just so you can read a more “complete” impression of a one weekend beta, that as she mentioned she didn’t get the entire weekend to play, because download problems.

          Dear god.

          • jp_antill

            Your still missing the point people are making. You shouldn’t make a preview/review that draws broad conclusions about an entire product without at least testing it properly or including a caveat stating that you didn’t try the entire game (not just saying “remember it’s in beta”). What this article should of included was a small amount of research on the rest of the content currently in the game that she hadn’t experienced rather than just making broad statements and conclusions about it based on a very small amount of play time (like calling it “un-fun” and “not being able to see the added value in paying for it”).

            This is after all supposed to be a dedicated games review site with reviews written by professional journalists as far as I can see. If they dont have time to learn about the product they are reviewing then something is going wrong with the process. It’s not a question of “not having a life” when its your job to write from an objective and informed position about something.

            Anyway I want to finish this conversation now. I have said what I wanted to.

          • Jacob Richardson

            Wait, we can’t expect journalists (read: professionals) to actually fully do their research before reporting? That makes no sense. That would be akin to a jury issuing a conviction after hearing not even a quarter of the case.

            Yes, I DO expect a (professional) journalist to sacrifice their weekend to get a more complete impression on a game if that is what it takes to be able to fully understand and interact in that game.

            Dear God yourself, Tosh. Some people expect professional people to put forth work of a professional quality.

          • Sage

            Agreed..completely. if you are going to make blanket statements, do some research. she doesnt need to play the game for hours on end, but even a little research or reading herself would have given her more insight and FACTS for her article.

      • Oilers Fan

        You know what I did read? The title. The content of the article doesn’t really fit that title and the title is also extremely misleading.

  • Yobtar

    Majority of you, article writer included, went into the game expecting something.
    This has downgraded your experience in the game, and as a poster here you should be as unbiased as you can.

    This is not skyrim, certain things had to be left out so other people don’t screw up your quests, hence a lot for the moment can’t be interacted with.

    This is not WoW, although quests send you to places, pick a direction and RUN… Explore and you will find SOO much more to the game, more quests, open world dungeons and treasure galore.
    You also picked the biggest stress test yet, so complaining about bugs is pointless, a few people had download issues however it helps if you DL it BEFORE the beta starts… You have a few days to get that sorted.
    Overall the game is incredibly open ended, the combat is intuitive and fresh for an MMO, giving meaning to everything you do, instead of 1,1,1,2,3 win.
    The PvP and PvE group content is exceptionally fresh, it gives me back that “feeling” of wandering into a dungeon and everyone having to do their job and look after everyone else, instead of 1 person grabbing everything, 1 person healing, and everyone else spamming aoe.
    As for the PvP, it gave me the feeling of being in a VERY large scale war, where small and large groups made tactical plays for territory. Scouts and “behind enemy lines” groups became useful.
    So please, don’t take peoples word for it, test it out yourself WITHOUT having any preconceived notion of what the game should feel like…. It is neither your typical ES game, nor your standard MMO.

  • Meh

    I am going to completely ignore this review seeing as how there was no mention of pvp in Cyrodiil, which was at level 10, and not until about that level did the game get a bt more fun. the quests get a little less generic, have some story, etc. And Cyrodiil is just insane mass pvp with boiling oil, catapolts, battering rams, etc.
    Next time, at least experience some more of the game before making it sound terrible.

    • ToshZA

      Ok, but here’s the thing. MANY people don’t do PvP. At all. So, what you’re saying is fun is actually irrelevant to many of us. This is a beta preview man, there will be more previews and a review. This isn’t the final say, only an impression of the current state of the game.

      • Sage

        I do agree, and appreciate the comments you made about it being still beta. but much of your review was based off of baby levels. you play wow for 1-9 levels and sure…its solo content…as with many MMO’s. but to do a true review, i would think you would put more effort to get past the starting levels of the game, explore some pvp, though i get not being a huge fan of pvp, or at least get into some dungeons, get a small view of whats further down the road. beta is not preview, nor are just a few hours of play a valid census of ‘the current state of the game’.

  • Haravikk

    Are people supposed to be talking about the beta? I thought it was still closed? I’m hoping there’s another beta before final release, as there were a few issues that made the last one difficult to get much out of.

  • Rezeract

    The game is in its beta test phase. If you don’t know what beta teats mean it means that the game is going to be a little broken. I hate when people expect the game to be freaking perfect during the testing phase. It wont be so please stop acting like idiots.

  • BanditZA

    I really don’t understand why people are freaking out about oppinions being posted about the beta, it’s not a demo. If you want to demo the game and decide wait for a free trial and then hop in.

    Beta are regularly stressed as a nice way to stress test network arch. and fixing issues. Yeah GW2’s beta was incredible, but almost none of them are like that.

    Chill out let’s see how it goes.

    PS: As someone who’s been through most MMOs I find it it interesting that people are having a problem with questing that clearly tries to make things interesting and avoid kills X number of things. Thats seems a bit odd, of course an MMO is gonna have a “laundry list” of tasks to do. Just hope the tasks are fun and not too repetitive.

  • Jvonen

    I like how the Reviewer pointed out the graphics were good, and went on to compare them to games that are many years old. The game looks okay, but the texture quality in general is pretty bad (to be expected for large MMOs these days), also the colours in general tend to be quite dull (lots of pastels, although this is clearly an artistic choice and quite subjective if you think its good or not).

    The questing is very much the same as other MMOs, so do not come into the game thinking you will have a particularly thrilling or original levelling experience. Quests are almost always go to X location and press the use key or kill X monkeybats etc.

    The crafting system seems very in depth/fun to use. It will come down to whether it’s actually useful for endgame gear if it’s worth putting skill points in or not, since you certainly don’t need crafted gear for levelling purposes.

    I only got to play for about 15 or so hours, but the overall impression was that this is going to be a fairly well polished MMO that doesn’t really change the genre in anyway. Then again some people aren’t looking for something original, so for those people it will be a fun experience although it is questionable to charge a monthly subscription in the current market with many great F2P games about.

  • Decias

    Love this game…can’t wait for launch. Cyrodiil PvP was a blast. To me, the sub is a great idea…minimizes kids and helps create a more mature community.

    • ToshZA

      Have you played WoW? Have you seen how “mature” the players are there?

      Seriously, this argument is the most null one I’ve encountered in a long time.

      • Decias

        You may want to consider this: Back during 2004-2009 or so when WoW was pretty much the only mmo in town, $15/mo was considered ‘the norm’. Today the landscape is vastly different. You’ve got AAA games like Rift, Swtor, GW2, and others that have strong communities that do not require a sub to play.

        Now Elder Scrolls Online comes along. It has a subscription requirement. Imagine you’re a 13 yr old kid with no money that wants to play with his buddies. Sure he could go ask his parents for $15 a month, or he can say to his friends, “Hey, let’s go check out Rift, I hear its pretty fun, and we can get right into it without paying.”

        You couldn’t do that in 2006. That’s the difference. And that’s why I believe ESO will have a more dedicated, older crowd…consisting of long-time TES fans, DaoC fans, newer Skyrim fans, and those who like mass PvP who perhaps tried GW2 and got bored b/c of that lack of endgame PvE, among others. I could be all wrong about this, but this is just my speculation.

        Sure I don’t mind the kids playing, but you typically don’t see 35-40 year olds talking about “WoW was the first mmo” or “Why do they call it Xbox 360?”

  • Niall Sanderson

    Finally a review that actually objectively judges the game. The amount of bias against ESO is ridiculous; even Forbes leapt on the bandwagon of bash ESO

    • ToshZA

      Thank you for reading. I’m reading these last few comments, its like they read the title and decided what the content of the article was about. I’m not someone special or anything, but I do appreciate someone who bothers to take the time and read.

  • rafaelhc

    My download took 3 days on a 2mb connection :( just finished today :(

  • Magsaysay1995

    Does anyone have an ETA on the next Beta weekend?

  • Ravager

    I really enjoyed the beta. I don’t mind the queue problems or even the fact that some of the bosses didn’t spawn much…it was fun and exciting and that’s only for a low level character. The massive group parts of this game are made for high level characters and I haven’t had the time to earn my way that high yet…but from the taste I had it should be much more fun that the MMOs I’ve played in the past. It is, after all, an MMO. To criticize it for not being like the solo game is like saying an orange needs to taste more like an apple.

  • dh xg

    No good multiplayer? Its sorta obvious you didnt get level 10+ where you can do the private dungeon and PvP which are both extremely fun. Yeah, you do quests, but you could have crafted or gone after dark anchors or even gotten a group together to clear some elite camps

  • Roxor

    At last a place to vent: got the beta invite, opened an account, went to download the PC client and bang! Deadstopped with “file cannot be downloaded”, the message I continued to receive on numerous retries.
    No answer from “Tech Support” after 3 days, to 2 tickets opened on the issue. Despite much anticipation (like so many other Elder fans), this is one I’ll pass on. I suspect it’s a Zenimax “thing” and not Bethesda but no matter: if I’m gonna pay, it’s back to WoW or on to another worthier candidate.

  • iTagidi

    To each its own.. for now eso looks solid for me. gw2 in example is bland, generic and horribly written with no interesting background lore etc. gameplay and combat seem less restricted, adds interesting elements. lets see

    • Oilers Fan

      There’s actually quite a bit of lore in GW2 but you have to look for it. I loved playing GW2 and I would still be playing it if they hadn’t decided to add a gear grind because a bunch of WoW refugees whined on the forum about being bored. I really despise gear grinds but I put up with them as part and parcel of an MMO but the problem is GW2’s developers said many times that there wouldn’t be a gear grind in that game and then added one. The day that fractals patch went live I stopped playing and haven’t even gone back for a cup of coffee.

  • Cloneink

    when will you guys get over that they were not goin for a ES single player game ITS A MMO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD i am over this its not like skyrim its not like skyrim crap all over the internet with out mods skyrim is a dam joke… and one more thing WTF! is this crap about skyrim push’s u to explore what did the MMO community want a game that u run around the world by urself lookin threw caves and shit get OVER IT ESO IS A GREAT MMO AND WILL LAST SUB BASED FOR YEARS TO COME

    soo sorry cheap ass’s stay with ur skyrim while we enjoy our kickass MMO

    • Oilers Fan

      The funny thing is that if you don’t explore in ESO, you’re missing out on a lot of character improvement opportunities.

  • Admiral Chief in Vegas


  • Seraphim

    This game is not designed to level up as fast as possible. It’s meant to be played with reserve and one is supposed to enjoy the music, architecture and art… It’s a great game. One comment i’ll make that most people don’t have the mind to understand is that ESO is a micro managed game. Meaning: it’s a bit slower paced and combat is highly technical. You don’t have a million buttons because you have numerous ways to customize your skills and different options of weaponry. You can choose how strong you want your attack.

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      But is it an Elder Scrolls game or just a good MMO dressed in Elder Scrolls drag?

      • Mombasa69

        Certainly is yet another brain dead MMO.

        • sage

          you really seem like a butt hurt child don’t you? you afraid some of your friends are leaving your current game or just mad its P2P?

  • K Poms

    I have been looking forward to this game since it was announced. Needless to say I was heartbroken when I got into the beta this weekend. The combat is dull & repetitive, the combat/skill animations are embarrassing, the classes and skills are terrible and the there was no choice of HUD options. Unfortunately I preordered the game 1 week before this stress test weekend. Like FF14 it was money down the drain.

    • Oilers Fan

      You and I must have played a different game. I found the combat to require more thinking than any other MMO I’ve played especially on the harder (elite) mobs. That’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

    • Sage

      i hope you realize you were playing a beta..testing phases and an older version at that. many things have been updated already that you haven’t seen and weren’t in the stress test.

  • Poe

    I logged a substantial amount of hours (16+) into the Beta and I agree, it just isn’t worth the $60 box cost nor the $15 monthly sub. The world feels stiff and the multiplayer experience feels like dozens of players running their linear questlines parralell to you with little social interaction. Though the graphics are beautiful they don’t particularly blow me away compared to other recent games. Gameplay wise the combat just feels bland and the animations feel lazy, and dealing and taking damage has little weight to it. The fact that they’ve given virtually no information regarding a PvE endgame does not make me very hopeful that there will be one at all. Take my advice, wait for this game to go free to play in a few months, and if you really want an MMO fix I recommend either WildStar or WoW’s next expansion. With WoW at least they are updating the old models, so “bad graphics” don’t really apply to them anymore. WildStar also looks hopeful.

    tl;dr Save your money with ESO, wait for F2P or play WildStar or WoD.

    • Oilers Fan

      I’m not sure how you can call the questlines in ESO linear. There is only one questline that requires you to complete a given step before you can go on and even that one you can skip parts of. All the other quests I found simply required finding the NPC that offered them. There were no pre-requisites.

      • Mombasa69

        You’ve not played an intelligent MMO then. Try The Secret World, does require you to use your brain though.

        • Sage

          I have played The Secret World…it was not overly intellectually stimulating at all. i actually found it quite boring, but to each there own. i would suggest you use your brain before posting. commenting on a game like ESO that you have never played. lol. As for ESO, there is thought and stat just as in many games, they even have puzzles in some of the dungeons that you and your group need to solve to continue. not overly complicated, but adds nice dynamic.

      • Sage

        I would even add to this that there is a lot of exploration beyond questing. i loved finding a zone or public dungeon and just going in to explore. often met with a story and lots of action too.

  • Klempner

    We had a blast last Beta weekend – really! Imp Ed ftw

  • Mombasa69

    The game looks pretty enough graphically, but I’ve seen it in beta on my friend’s PC, but it’s just really dumb, no classes, no brain required to play, and it certainly isn’t with paying a sub for.

    I’ll stick with The Secret World, that may not be perfect, but at least it’s free-to-play, only requiring a small fee to get Issues 7 & 8 content, all the previous Issues are free with the latest package, so much content, with intelligent missions (quests) requiring you to use your brain. Added to that there’s Scenarios and Dungeons to group in.

    Yep, sod ESOL just isn’t worth it, yet another brainless MMO like Guild Wars 2.

    • Sage

      Actually there are classes which are further expanded by the talent trees. you can start as 1 of 4 classes, each with 3 class talent trees, you also get talent trees for every type of weapon, armor, etc. you even get trees for npc ‘guilds’ like the fighter’s guild or mage’s guild. im glad you are a fan of your choice game, but no need to knock another game that you haven’t even really played…’i’ve seen it in beta on my friend’s pc’…lol

  • Charl van der Merwe

    I’ve heard many people say, you play this like a linear WoW clone, that’s what you get.
    You play this like Skyrim, that is what you get.
    Did you try getting off the rails and exploring a cave you weren’t told to explore ?

  • Asshat.Thirteen

    Used to play WoW. Had no problem paying the paltry $15 a month to enjoy what it had to offer. And just like any other game, when the fun disappeared, so did my sub fee. But for literally 25 cents a day, I had endless entertainment.

    TESO looks to offer just as much as WoW did in it’s early days, and the price point is the same – 25 cents a day. A fucking quarter a day. 10 years after WoW introduced that price point, it hasn’t gone up one iota. 25 cents a fucking day.

    The majority of you spend 10-20 times that on a single fucking drink. One large bullshit coffee from Starbucks or wherever would cost you a third of your monthly sub. But not paying a sub fee is your moral high ground? If you enjoy something, you support it. It’s the same reason pirating games is idiotic. F2P MMO’s are shit in comparison – this isn’t a debate. Even the “good” F2P MMO’s pale in comparison to the sub based ones.

    If you don’t like the game, or the genre, fine. But complaining about a fucking quarter a day while you live your overly indulgent lives in every other aspect is complete and utter bullshit. This game will thrive or fail on it’s merits, or lack thereof.

    It won’t fail because they’re asking you to pay a quarter a fucking day. What a load of tripe.

  • Mombasa69

    Hmm sounds a bit brainless.

  • Jay

    I AM playing the BETA weekend right now, Have to say its a pretty decent game for being just a baby. I completely Get The Elder Scrolls Feel,… so It’s only a matter of time before it evolves, like any other great game !

    Everyone is endowed to they’re own opinion.

  • Sage

    This review made me ‘lol’. seriously. ‘i played a few hours of an MMO and didn’t see any real multiplayer value add content’….you are either an idiot or just wanting to fuel the hate with people who pout that its not F2P. look, as with many mmo’s, the first 5-15 levels are solo. its learning to play, learning the interface, learning the environment and how to interact with it. at level ten, you can enter PVP, MASSIVE sieges with forts, castles and towers. working with 100+ people against 100+ people to claim more land for your faction, being able to claim the emperor’s throne for your side. around level 10-12 you can start to enter dungeons. I had a blast with both PVP and dungeons, not to even mention anchors and fissures(dynamic events that spring up). The dungeons are fun, most have a story style quest, which to me, adds even more to the feel. though i have not seen it, they also are going to have ‘adventure zones’ basically 12 player PVE.
    many of the quests do effect the world. quests were not just designed to ‘make leveling less grindy’ you actually change entire towns, save NPCs lives, some even come up later on(providing you chose to save them] with even further connection to your previous actions and bringing new quests/stories.
    It really does open up more and more as you continue. As for the comments, i would warn many, some of these people are just butt hurt that its P2P, not realizing F2P is terrible. F2P is also known as pay to win…nickle and diming you through the teeth to open content, sprints, dodges, mounts, action bars, dungeons, level boosts, gear, even attack/spell speeds. F2P is terrible. i am so THANKFUL they chose the subscription model.
    I might also add…this is BETA, yes there are bugs, no, not all content has been opened yet.
    overall, its a good game. some will love it, some will not, and there will be a ton of people in between. Best option is to youtube ‘ESO dungeons’ or ‘eso siege’. the great thing of an MMO is continued content. future quests, areas to explore, raids, etc. 15 bucks a month isn’t bad considering the amount of entertainment it brings.
    Overall, i would recommend this game and strongly urge people to disregard many ‘reviews’ and even the comments of ill-informed people. just keep in mind many are commenting on Beta(testing) phases of this game and, even worst yet, off of the tutorial stages.

  • Brian

    I don’t know about you guys but the fact that it has the formula of WoW makes me even more excited. If they successfully capture what wow did and put it on a console I’m all in. I played that game for 6 years and quit a bit after wotlk. I’m Pumped for this game and I hope it turns me into a hermit again.

  • Jacobs

    As a fan of the Elder Scrolls this game interested me. But the $15 sub fee and imperial edition fiasco had me doubting my desire. But I played the beta pleasantly surprised by the skill morphing and the interesting crafting made me decide to get it. The game looks nice and combat feels interactive especially since the newly implemented unit collision. The starting islands where a little lackluster but after community feedback they made that skippable. I honestly feel that a sub fee is the right choice for this game although wished it was $10. It seems the developers are honestly engaged with the community and pre 10 missing out in group dungeons and pvp is a very narrow perspective. But if you want to play a game in Tamriel with friends with exciting pvp a refreshing combat system and plenty of customization. This is the game for you but it is not Skyrim 2 or a super hardcore mmo. The game looks nice and plays well and I if they can keep on listening to the community with their promised DLC sized patches. I will be glad to keep paying the sub fees for the hard core mmo players I hope the 12 man adventure zones are challenging.

  • Wow Really?

    The problem is the elder scroll series wasnt ready to be an MMO. The single player games were never really fleshed out properly. They are full of inconsistency and bugs, the draw is that you can go anywhere in the world and do anything anytime you want… but if you truely old enough to have played Morrowind, and oblivion before skyrim its the same old same old with better graphics. They havent really innovated anything new in years and the same NPC and game bugs come up time and time again. To me saying Skyrim is fun.. is like saying WarCraft is fun. You come for the experience not the gameplay or the mechanics or to get bigger and better stuff as in the later.

    Elderscrolls Onlines only draw is the name, had this not been named elder scrolls it wouldnt have made it this far. The game honest to god is boring and gets old fast but thats just me. Give it a try, I mean there are people that put 3,000 hours into skyrim…. if you are that kind of player then you will probably love this game.