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Last weekend was probably one of the most important weekends for eSports in South Africa; we had the incredible StarCraft 2 Invitational play out, the South African ESL Qualifiers and our Battlefield 3 team play another match in the Nations Cup. The highlight of this article though, is the fantastic victory by Team XtaZ, securing their spot in the Call of Duty Championships in Los Angeles this April.

Even though the qualifiers were announced with very short notice, the sign ups looked pretty good. About 13 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 console teams signed up, leaving us with hours of heated competition. The matches were streamed and hosted by MWEB, with commentary from shoutcasters like Nick Holden. The finals between Team XtaZ and F34R Elite were the matches every one was waiting for.

The teams faced off on three maps, each with a different game mode. The first match was played in Hardpoint on the map, Slums. While F34R Elite game it their all, XtaZ was not prepared to settle for a loss. They secured an early lead and held down the points to win the game. The second match was a Capture the Flag match on Express. Right from the start, the game was as close it could be, any one’s to take, but with the great team work of XtaZ, they managed to once again take the lead. An unfortunate disconnection from the Xtaz captain, Ph0bia put the team under great pressure, but even playing with three players couldn’t keep the team down. The clock was ticking and doing so faster than F34R Elite’s attempt to take back the game. The final match, being a Search and Destroy match on map Plaza was the most intense of the matches, with even scores up to mid game XtaZ Eos pulled off an incredible quadruple kill, taking out the entire F34R squad within eight seconds. This was exactly the boost XtaZ needed to make sure they won the next round, as well as the game.

If you’d like to watch the finals, you can do so below:


Author: Yolanda Green

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  • Deon Steyn

    Best of luck to XtaZ. Show those Yanks what for.

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