South Korea moves to classify online gaming as an addiction

Try spot the difference

South Koreans are most famously known in gaming circles for their massive addiction to StarCraft and other online experiences with the games being shown on live TV channels and hundreds of thousands of people tuning into the finals to worship their idols.

So it blows my mind to read this morning that the South Korean government is moving to classify online gaming as a possible anti-social addiction in the same vein as alcoholism, drugs and gambling.

They aren’t planning on outlawing the ability to play online games but they would enable the same safety restrictions that apply to the other anti-social addictions. These would include, but not be limited to, strongly enforcing the age restrictions on games and even non-violent games can be changed to 16 and over only.

They would also ban advertising, taking a certain percentage of revenue earned from the private sector and using it to create a fund to fight gaming addiction.

It’s surprising that such a forward looking country is willing to shoot itself in the foot with the current online gaming experience in South Korea earning more money for the government, via taxes etc, than Gangam style, all K-Pop music, movies and all cultural experiences… combined.

Whether this bill is passed waits to be seen but you can bet your bottom dollar that if it does then the online gaming companies in South Korea, like MapleStory will simply relocate to a new country and only pay the 1% owed on South Korean sales.

Thus decimating the South Korean online video games industry.

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Author:Gavin Mannion

I'm cranky, arrogant and ever so amazingly annoying but when you get to know me you will also realise I'm honest and incredibly good at describing myself... now pass me that beer
  • MieLLiePaP

    Hi, my name is MielLie (and the crowd goes – Hello Miellie). i have a problem….i’m addicted to online games…and the crowd goes – Whaaaaaat?…..LOL :P

    • Gareth Breydenbach

      And how long have u been an addict?

      • MieLLiePaP

        its very sad story…it happened when i was very young…so its probably my parents fault – Lets always blame it on the parents :P

        • Gareth Breydenbach

          I see,did you have a rough childhood?

          • MieLLiePaP

            yea, the rough part was playing Counter strike 1.6 on a pc that wasn’t even compatible to run it…but it still work….sort off :P

          • Gareth Breydenbach

            I see the problem now,with all my professional yrs as a psychologist,and its many yrs i tell ya, you should have been playing doom and gta. Then you will not be playing online games.

          • MieLLiePaP

            So…if i take 2 tablets of Doom and 1 tablet GTA, then i should get better?

          • Adrian Maytom

            I tried it that way, but ended up taking the whole bottle at once. Had a huge OD

          • MieLLiePaP


          • Gareth Breydenbach

            So it seem you have a good/great connection in your grave, hope its uncapped/unthrottled. Hope you are comfy. Sorry to hear about your OD

          • Adrian Maytom

            Its not the uncapped or capped that’s the problem. It’s TELKOM

          • Gareth Breydenbach

            Well now, that im not able to help with, call your service provider for help.

          • Adrian Maytom

            I only get you are caller 200 in the cue. So I said single player games it is for me.

          • Gareth Breydenbach

            That all depends on how you feel,most ppl take 2 gta and 1 doom,and in that order.

          • Adrian Maytom

            Witch version? GTA IV or V? Or older versions. Doom 1 did it for me. But GTA I am not sure. And please don’t come with 4 and 5.

          • Gareth Breydenbach

            With each gta ranging from I to V,I is week and V is the worst case scenario

          • Adrian Maytom

            So it’s Vice City then

          • Gareth Breydenbach

            Vica Versa,its your choice

          • John

            TEENS HOT BATE –

      • Adrian Maytom

        Are you like the doctor in the season Anger Management?

    • Adrian Maytom

      Do any of you know this feeling?

  • Adrian Maytom

    I am also a Video Game Junkie. I have the badge to prove it

  • t-wholf

    online gaming is addictive and can have negative effects on your life if youre not aware of it. You have to have a balance

  • t-wholf

    online gaming is addictive and can have negative effects on your life if youre not aware of it. You have to have a balance

    • Gavin Mannion

      Everything is addictive and can have negative effects on your life. Everything in moderation.

      • Piet

        Yes because addicts are known for doing things in moderation…

  • Jonah Cash

    Well I am losing my addiction to Fifa pretty quickly at the moment… Fifa 14 is utter crap on PS3!! The AI is terrible for online play!! I threw my remote towards my couch, missed the couch and it went through my window….. Fifa 14 is going back to BT Games on Monday, can’t take it anymore!!! And it is sad that only one review actually tells you about how broken the game really is… Big fail for all reviewers on this one!!

    • Jonah Cash

      Going over to Metacritic for Fifa 14 on PS3 and find a 4.1 user score makes me feel better…. But I think 4.1 is a bit to high for it!!! Fifa 14 was built for the new gen not the old one, the menu’s takes forever to get to the point where you can pick what game mode you want to play… (Rant over)

    • Lego Witcher of the Squirrels

      I’m sorry but I laughed so hard when I read your tweet about this rant…

      • Jonah Cash

        Man, the window I broke is 1.6m by 0.7m….. Can’t find a place even in 20km from me who does this size windows!! And the ones I find can help me by Friday????? Fffffffffing Cape Town and the slow strike that happens every December!!!!

  • random

    I agree with this! I have a few friends who play alot of DOTA2 and the amount of rage that those guys generate due to their addiction is not healthy. Some of them need help

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  • Admiral Chief in Vegas

    Is that Rooibos Rince in the header??

    • Lego Witcher of the Squirrels

      Nah, I think it’s actually oVg

  • CodeName Tailgunner

    Ok so here comes my 10 cents worth

    Government makes money from gathering income tax.

    Now millions of people make less money because they sit at home playing DOTA and Starcraft all day.

    Sure Government makes lots of money from the online gaming companies, but they realize they lose more by having to support the addicts.

    Therefor they decide to take action and get more work out of those LAZY GAMERS

  • Zohan Steppingstone

    Addicted? Me? No way, I stop playing often to empty my bucket.

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