Remedy boss says that Max Payne 3 is “F—ing brilliant”

Do you feel luck punk?

There’s a ton of great games hitting shelves in May, from the PC clickathon that has been years in the making, Diablo 3, through to Dragons Dogma which puts its own spin on open-world fantasy, and of course, Max Payne 3.

The original two games were developed by Remedy Entertainment, and when they first released, they practically set new benchmarks in the industry for action games. Rockstar Games, developers of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, are currently handling the third tale of the sombre detective.

It’s looking fantastic so far, but what do the original creative forces of Max Payne 3 have to say about it? Apparently, it’s pretty damn good.

“It’s fucking brilliant”, Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne said to GamesIndustry. “It’s already brilliant so I’ve enjoyed it.” While Rockstar Vancouver has been handling the bulk of the game development, the studio wasn’t too shy to ask for some input from Remedy, and they even brought a few veterans on board to help guide the project.

“They wanted our input on a couple of occasions and we’ve had loads of our people, our core group, who worked on the first two games, give input and it’s awesome,” Myllrinne said.

Those guys, they just don’t put out bad games. And so, in that respect, it’s very – it’s almost like the best position to be in. It’s like somebody’s making a great game and you just get to give them input.

Myllryinne was also quite happy with the “attention to detail” that Rockstar had put into the game, as well as their “passion and dedication”, saying that the May release of Max Payne 3 would be “worth the wait”.

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Sounds like Rockstar Games were the perfect studio to pass the baton to for the latest Max Payne adventure after all, considering the high praise received from the original developers.

Author: Darryn Bonthuys

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