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In a gruelling Protoss versus Terran battle, Rain has secured his spot in the Major League Gaming Tournament of Champions finals.

The Major League Gaming Tournament of Champions first semi final kicked off last night, pitting Protoss player Jung “Rain” Yoon Jong representing team SK Telecom T1 and Terran player Lee “Flash” Young Ho representing team KT Rolster against each other.

Match one was pretty much over in a flash, reaching good game in less than 10 minutes Rain caught Flash completely off guard and took the match. Match two however, being the best match to watch, was a phenomenal tactical battle, with both players spreading out their units widely and multitasking like robots. Flash won the match with great macro gameplay. In match three Rain once again, as in match one had a very aggressive approach to the game. As a result of that Flash lost units at a very fast pace, giving Rain the opportunity to sweep in again and win the match. Rain also took match four, which was over before any one could even blink.

After match two it seemed like Flash had his head on straight and would go on to possibly win the match, but Rain had other plans. The final score was 3 – 1 to Rain. This means that Rain will be playing for a chance to win $5, 000 in the finals. Semifinal #2 will take place on Monday, this match between Parting and Soo will be the decider of which player will join Rain in the finals. All broadcasts start at 6pm ET (01:00 the following day SAST) on with rebroadcasts starting immediately after.

If you’d like to watch last night’s matches, you can start doing so below:

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