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In Other News – 23 April 2014

Pure Horror – Surgeon Simulator to get a dentist mode

I'm your dentist

When it comes to guilty pleasure games, Surgeon Simulator is at the top of my list. The things I’ve done to the human body in that grisly game defy all manner of comprehension. Funnily enough, it didn’t leave me feeling squeamish at all. But a dentist mode? I am f$#%ing terrified of dipping into that mode.

The iPad version of Surgeon Simulator will be getting an update soon, that’ll have you going to town on the face and gums of some poor unfortunate victim patient in your dungeon surgery. Here’s the video teasing that destructive dentistry:

There’s no confirmation yet if developer Bossa Studios will port that terrifying game mode over to the PC version of that game where malpractice makes perfect, but I wouldn’t count it out. If you haven’t played Surgeon Simulator, it’s a deceptively simple game where you’re given a patient and free rein to perform one of several operations.

Naturally, thanks to the purposefully difficult controls and realistic controls, surgery always goes horribly wrong, with enough blood split to fund a violent anime episode before you finally succeed in transplanting an organ or removing a brain.

But going to work inside the mouth of a virtual person? I’m already crying on the inside, due to my hatred of having to go to the dentist. The last time I went, I had to choose between root canal surgery or having some of my wisdom teeth removed. Naturally, I told the doc to pump drugs into my gums and to rip that sucker out.

If this game ever becomes a practice tool for dentists, I’m going to go ahead and break all my teeth out myself.

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