Our SuperBru Rugby pool is back!


It’s that time of the year again, you know, that time where Gavin is the only one in the office that knows what the hell Super Rugby 2013 is and makes fun of Geoff and Darryn’s lack of knowledge and interest in sport. It’s also SuperBru Rugby  time and WE WANT YOU!

With the Super Rugby 2013 coming up this February, we’ve started a pool captained by the superest bru, Admiral Chief Erwin (Erwin Kempff) who’s also to thank for telling me the things I’m pretending to know about all of this.

You can join our pool here, applications will be approved by the captain. Prizes for this year are still to be determined. Last year we gave away some balls, games and jerseys, I can’t promise you that we’ll be able to give you some balls this year; we’ll just have to wait and see. 

Don’t know what a SuberBru pool is?

Well it’s most definitely not a pool full of bru’s getting their splash on. SuperBru’s Super Rugby is a prediction game. Players predict Super Rugby results, and the more accurate you are the more points you will earn. Everything is free, so you have no excuse to not sign up, mkay?

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Author:Yolanda Green

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