New GTA V wallpapers show off the Speedophile 2000


Rockstar have released two new GTA V wallpapers, both the images are familiar, can you tell where they’ve been used before?

First up we have the Speedophile 2000 Wallpaper, depicting a man, which according to the PR naming of the image “v_michael_jetski_1920x1080.jpg” is clearly called Michael.

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And then we have a mysterious guy named Franklin in mid-bike chase.

Click to enlarge.

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So where have we seen these images before? Let’s see how closely you’ve analysed everything GTA V!



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Author:Yolanda Green

I like bacon and games, and occasionally I say something coherent about it. I'm not old or cynical, and I'm not the Dork Knight. I AM SHE-RA! Wait, what?
  • Deon Steyn

    I would guess GTA IV top and San Andreas bottom?

  • Dean_12

    The first looks like GTA IV and the second looks like GTA San Andreas. Can I get points for answering first?

    • Eric Viljoen

      I might be totally wrong. But isn’t the first one a cell shaded version of a chase scene from the Speed 2 movie?

  • Weanerdog

    The only GTA I ever really played was Chinatown wars on the DS. You can deal drugs to get money which became an obsession with me. And if you get bust then you loose all your drugs that you have with you. This resulted in me driving around as slow and carefully as possible being the most law abiding citizen in the whole damn town, I got so paranoid that I started carry only a tazer so that I couldn’t get my wanted stats up too high. Of course when I used the thing I landed up setting the cop on fire which kind of ruined the intention. GTA more like driving Miss Daisy (‘s stash).

  • RitterBruder

    ohhh Pedobear !!

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