Leisure Suit Larry has a little extra in store for you

Hey babe

You’ll remember a little while back that we posted about the Leisure Suit Larry kickstarter where the original man behind the series was trying to raise $500k to recreate a true Leisure Suit Larry sequel.

Well he was successful and in the end raised a total of just over $650k which has two consequences. One is that we are now going to get more dialog, a few extra rooms and another girl to chat up.

The second consequence is less positive, all this added content will take more time to develop and as such the game will now no longer make its October release date. It may make Christmas but the development team would rather hold onto it for a few more months to add more polish and then release it in early 2013.

I’m a massive Leisure Suit Larry fan and have been bitterly disappointed by poor remakes time and time again so this time I’m more than happy for the developers to take as long as they need to get this right.

I can wait until 2013 before getting my leisure on.

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Author: Gavin Mannion

I'm cranky, arrogant and ever so amazingly annoying but when you get to know me you will also realise I'm honest and incredibly good at describing myself... now pass me that beer

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