It’s all about being a massive jerk in Infamous: Second Son


There are a ton of great games coming out this year. The first quarter is usually the slowest though, with those games only pumping out towards the end of that cycle. One game there though, is Infamous: Second Son, a super-powered sandbox that will once again allow players to play as either the messiah or a very naughty boy.

According to developer Sucker Punch, choices made in the game will have a more subtle set of consequences to set it apart from the blindingly obvious changes that were present in previous games, “because it really sucks when it’s nebulous.”

And like everything else in life, play-testing the game revealed that people really wanted to be decent human beings. But a rush of power would quickly kill those aspirations to be a new age Mandela.

“We do our damnedest to make it fun in both directions, but in my opinion you’ve got to play the game twice to really experience Infamous: Second Son,” game director Nate Fox said to VG24/7.

I know from watching people play the game, that most of them play first as a good guy because we’ve been conditioned by society not to speed and help old ladies cross the street.

But then they play through again, and they’re the most evil sons-of-guns you’ve ever met. They enjoy being evil, but they’ve got to get the good guy experience out of their systems before they allow themselves to be the jerks they are in their heart.

Technically, I always play as a massive jerk-ass in these games. If there’s an option for me to throw children into traffic or to use my powers to cause all kinds of massive destruction, you can bet your ass I’m going to take it.

Infamous: Second Son is out soon on PlayStation 4. March 21 to be exact. We had a blast at E3 with the game, to the point where Geoff still drools when you mention it in public.

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Author:Darryn Bonthuys

Because he's the writer that Lazygamer deserves, but not the one it actually needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can't take it. Because he's not a hero. He's a loud-mouthed journalist, a watchful procrastinator. A dork knight.
  • RinceGivesRspectsToMadiba

    Haha! Darryn, is that a cry for help? :) I am looking forward to this game big time. Does one need to have played the first one though?

    • Hammersteyn

      I played the second one but not the first, back story was included so I don’t think so.

    • Rock789

      I’m sure it’ll be fine to pick up and play – the 2nd one had enough of a backstory to fill in the blanks if you hadn’t played the 1st one. And this one doesn’t contain the main protagonist from the first 2 games, so it may be totally seperate. Either way, I’m sure they’ll do a great job of making it ‘pick-up-and-playable’. :)

    • Jonah Cash

      Not really necessary, but man are they fun to play!! I picked up 1 for R67.00 at BT Games in the second hand bin….. So that was the bargain of my life!!

      • RinceThis2014

        Oh, I better have a look. Thanks man :)

  • Umar of The Rebellion

    Can never seem to play the bad guy..I always feel bad hurting those innocent lil pixel grannies

    • RinceGivesRspectsToMadiba

      Come on man. How are we supposed to blame random violence in society on gaming if you refuse to push the grannies into oncoming traffic?!

      • Umar of The Rebellion

        I refuse to kill people lol. that is my right…Probably why I did a clean run on Deus Ex and tranq all the baddies

        • Hammersteyn

          I did that on Dishonerhed then I went back and murdered everyone. Will probably do the same here too.

          • Umar of The Rebellion

            LOOL ….. Evil Bastard! But there are some awesome killing powers

          • Hammersteyn

            The rats were the best, being eaten alive omnomnomnom

          • Gus

            I hog tied a schoolmarm to the train tracks in RDR, and then poured animal bait all over her screaming body. The wolves never came, but the 1201 sure did. Right on time too. Evil runs rampant in video games, better there than on the streets.

      • VampyricSquirrel Monk

        He wouldn’t survive GTAV or Online then lol

        • Umar of The Rebellion

          It’s actually why I don’t like GTA

  • RinceGivesRspectsToMadiba

    I cannot think of one game that allows you to go full retard as far as being an evil prick is concerned. Stories and anarchy don’t mix!

    • Hammersteyn


    • Exalted Overlord Geoffrey Tim

      Fallout 3? You can start of by fucking nuking the entire first city you encounter.

      • VampyricSquirrel Monk

        Epic explosion too

      • RinceGivesRspectsToMadiba

        Ya. Did that, but you still have to then enter the story. Cannot just kill everything.

        • Rock789

          Then you clearly didn’t try hard enough. ;) Your inner psycho should be ashamed! :)

          • VampyricSquirrel Monk

            I saw the bomb and decided right there and then that I HAD to blow it up… so I found a way :)

          • RinceGivesRspectsToMadiba

            I mean that the convention of most games, as in, a story, is not conducive to a character that is 100% anarchy. Not yet anyway. Perhaps when we have the ability to run a world environment where you can literally do what you want and not have to worry about the next story checkpoint is reached we will have this.

      • Rock789

        Oh man, I gotta play that game again soon!

  • Hammersteyn

    People from Marvel can take a page from Infamous if the want an idea on how to make a proper superhero game so that it doesn’t turn out like Deadpool or Xmen Destiny.

  • Gr8_Balls_o_Fire

    More subtle consequences? I hope that doesn’t mean no consequence.

  • Melasco

    This will be the next game I buy, can’t wait :)

  • Rock789

    Hell yeah! This is on my “Must have list”. Played the first 2 games and loved them. Looking forward to getting this one and seeing what the new-gen Infamous has to offer. :)

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