In Other News – 13 June 2013


Yet another cold day, although I must say that I’ve been keeping warm playing games that Geoff would kill for but can’t play because he’s at E3.  At last, the jealousy is reversed!  In any event, here’s all the news we didn’t print because we were drawing up plans for battle robots.

The lovely lady today is provided by our friends over at LWMag, Danielle apparently can down three guys and giggle.. or did I read that wrong?

In Other News: The Witcher 3 will remember all the debauchery from The Witcher 2, police cars take away from fantasy elements, and I’m still really excited for Dragon Age.


Here’s a list of confirmed games for Xbox One

As well as a list for PS4

Witcher 3 will use your Witcher 2 save file to remind you who you slept with before

Get ready to die again, a lot, in Dark Souls 2


There’s a hidden feminist statement at E3

Cops called to shut down the OUYA guys in the E3 parking lot

Some Japanese gamers don’t think FFXV is fantasy enough


Game play of The Crew

Dragon Age Inquisition trailer

Batman Arkham Origins Gameplay Demo

Model: Danielle Chirnside

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Author:Zoe Hawkins

Wielding my lasso of truth, I am the combination of nerd passion and grammar nazi. I delve into all things awesome and geek-tastic. I believe people should stop defining themselves and just enjoy playing games, so let's get on with it!
  • Rinceyouropinion

    Great day peeps :)

    • Ultimo_Cleric N7

      Read the article for a change. hahaha!!

      • Rinceyouropinion

        NEVA! And edited it immediately ! Damn you!

        • Ultimo_Cleric N7

          too late pal. Caught you out!

          • Lardus

            I saw it too. Scrolled up to see if I imagined the name and LW link lol

          • Rinceyouropinion

            I feel like that time when my mother walked in while I was having a waking dream about Tomb Raider… Wait, what? 0-o

          • Ultimo_Cleric N7

            forgot the n in ‘waking dream’

          • Rinceyouropinion

            No, I didn’t ;)

  • Ultimo_Cleric N7

    I want Dragon Age 3 to be good. I really REALLY do. But DA was so bad……like really bad.No seriously it was that bad.

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      :( sigh! I don’t know any more…. I vowed I would not even think of DA3, but there’s a hint that they listened to our anguished cries…

      • Eric Viljoen

        And Morrigan is there. I need to have revenge! For mah bebez!

  • Trevor Davies

    Not cool Witcher 3, I don’t remember all the women I slept with in Witcher 2. Now you want to throw it in my face :(

  • Rinceyouropinion

    I hope EA have learnt from Dragon Age 2, man what a cluster fuck that was.

    • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

      fluster cluck?

      • Rinceyouropinion

        Flucking cluster

        • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

          Oh for fluck sakes

          • Ultimo_Cleric N7

            Stop it you futher mucker!

          • Rinceyouropinion

            What a fuster cluck!

    • Trevor Davies

      Am I the only person who liked DA2?

      The only gripe I agree with completely is the full retard one dungeon map. The first time I saw it I thought I screwed up & went to the wrong place. That was just… wow.

      • Rinceyouropinion

        Yeah, it was the main reason I didn’t like it. Very linear and I really enjoyed the first.

      • Ultimo_Cleric N7

        Pretty much. Well, you and the guys who made it.
        I haveto say it wasnt the most dissappointing game I have ever played though. That ‘honor is reserved for Diablo 3. That was KAK!

    • Ultimo_Cleric N7

      DA: Origins was amazing though. And the trailer for DA3 looks great!

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

    The new HH’s these days gets the


    And that’s a fact

  • Slade Boender

    Holy crap on a cracker. That dame is down right lovely.

  • Rinceyouropinion

    After today, I feel like slapping my Xbox (no, that isn’t a euphemism). I swear it’s been sitting there, blushing, with a very nonchalant look on it’s face. I feel sorry for it, but want to take my rage at Xbox One out on something! What do I do?!

    • OVG

      Nothing wrong with the 360. I will be buying another 2 to last another decade. So will a whole lot of ONE owners considering they cannot play kick ass 360 games on the ONE THAT DOES EVERYTHING EXCEPT PLAY 360 GAMES.

      Fucking Microsoft.

      • Rinceyouropinion

        I think I’ll pick up the new one they are releasing. I’ll stay with 360 for at least another year, and will also pick up an PS3.

        • OVG

          The new one looks butt ugly. Wait until they have hit our shores then the old slim will be halved in price to clear stock.

          Clever how they justify NO PRICE drop because they give a FUCKING POINTLESS FACELIFT.

          If it was still the FAT xbox I bet it will be R999 in the stores now considering my CORE 360 was R1999 back in 2007.

          Greedy buggers.

          • Rinceyouropinion

            I think it has new innards though?

          • OVG

            the games still look the same. it all bullshit.

        • Andre116

          Amen. No point in rushing to buy a next gen console just yet.

          • Rinceyouropinion

            Can you believe my console has lasted 5 years? OVG had a RROD, did you ever?

          • Andre116

            Yeah, I’ve had one and so has 2 of my friends. Luckily it was all still under warranty.

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      The weird thing is, I can’t even look at my 360 any more. It’s weird, I expected Microsoft’s stance on the xbone to be unchanged, and yet… I have so much anger towards my xbox 360…

      We’re strange people…

      • Rinceyouropinion

        It’s called displaced rage. I’ve had to throw my hammer away for fear of hammertiming it in my sleep..

  • Lardus

    Holy guacaMOLE!

  • Rinceyouropinion

    Zoe, what is this “crouching he-men hidden feminist” about?!

    • Zoe

      apparently having booth boys at E3 was a hidden feminist statement

      • OVG

        thats sexist ;P

      • Airborne

        Wait… what??? having males is now considered a feminist statement?!?! how the fudge?

      • Rinceyouropinion


  • DarthofZA

    The Xbox exclusive list does look nicer than the PS4 one. If MS has got two things right for next gen it is in the games and controller… Arguably the two most important parts of a gaming console…

    • Lardus

      More exclusives yes, but better is a matter of opinion. PS has stuff that is in their “other” list that is available on PC as well but not on XBox, but once again not better for everyone. Controllers…well I maintain I will wait for a hands-on with both before I make up my mind, but that touch pad does look a bit “off” to me on the PS4 controller.

      • DarthofZA

        A lot of their other stuff could go to both consoles in the end. But I agree, it is down to personal game type preferences. But there are literally 3 games on the PS4 list that jump out to me, and 9 on the Xbox ONE list that do. That is a huge difference for me. And with MS now having all those studios making games, going forward every year the Xbox ONE will probably get more exclusives than the PS4. If anything, this next generation will be known as the generation of Exclusive titles!

        • Argentil

          Pray tell, what are these exclusives? Halo is a glimmer in Microsoft’s eye currently. Won’t be seeing that for at least a year. Dead Rising has lost all of it’s personality and uniqueness (and is a timed exclusive). Killer Instinct is not even made by Rare, and isn’t even that exciting in the grand scheme of things as a fighter. Forza 5 is something to look forward to, but Drive Club is more interesting as a new IP. Sunset Overdrive looks really interesting, but there has been no gameplay, and Insomniac have underperformed lately. Quantum Break is an enigma, with potential, just judging by Remedy’s pedigree alone.
          What else?

          • DarthofZA

            You might not be interested in them… but my list is as follows.

            On the PS4: Infamous Second Son (I love the Infamous series), The Order 1886 and Secret Ponchos. I haven’t enjoyed a single Killzone so not keen for the new one. DriveClub doesn’t interest me as its a racing game, and Knack, the cam videos I saw make the game look rather boring to me.

            On the Xbox One: Below (looks rather different), Dead Rising 3 (that trailer made me very excited), Halo, Killer Instinct (might not be by Rare, but its still Killer Instinct), Ryse (so excited), Sunset Overdrive (one of my favourite devs, so still keen for it), Quantum Break and D4 (episodic story games are my favourite genre)

          • Argentil

            I was just demonstrating how bias affects our decision-making :)

          • DarthofZA

            Yeah, the fact that I don’t like racing games or Killzone really changes everything…. but if I did, it would still be 9v5 for me.

        • Lardus

          And the PS4 games that come to PC, I could always get on PC in any case (Same with some Xbox games going to PC). Any case, moot point since I have no proper interwebz (and if I had I would have been on the WoW and LoL forums not here hahaha)

          • Jakster

            What are you smoking?!?! This site doesn’t require an internet connection. If I had an internet connection I would be trolling the internetzzzz all day…

  • HvR

    Does anybody have any idea why News24 is so stupid?

    They have an affiliating with Lazygamer (being linked to the news24 page and all) who has 2 gaming journalists at E3 yet went they want to publish anything regarding E3 they revert to copy and paste articles of american and french agencies (AP and AFP).

    Ai tog, opportunity to show their readers that they do provide original news content from SA viewpoint and promoting Lazygamer wasted for no other reason (as far as I can see) than laziness.

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