GoG launches DRM-Free gaming client

Gog galaxy

CD Projekt’s Good Old Games, or GOG for short peddles old games – and many of you jumped onboard for the ridiculously cheap games and awesome nostalgia on offer. However, without Steam achievements and the ability to chat with friends, it wasn’t for all of you. Now, GoG is letting you have it all.

Here is the succinct video explaining the new client:

For the non-video viewing among you, the video focuses on three main elements: optional client, freedom of choice, and cross-play. Optional client means that while they will be offering these new services through the client, you can still choose to completely ignore it, playing games manually the old fashioned way. Alternatively, you can make use of the client but only use certain features – play online and share your achievements and chat to friends, or do it offline to use it as an easy launcher for all your games. Turn on or off whatever functionality you want. Finally, without using third-party clients (including the dreaded Uplay?) you can play with friends using other clients with cross-play. Presumably, this means that you can play with your DRM friends on Steam while making use of the DRM-Free client.

I think this is the best thing GoG could have done. Now, gamers will be able to lump their entire GoG backlog into one launcher, earn achievements and chat to friends. This is the perfect competition to Steam – all those people who like the idea of Steam but abhor DRM can finally make use of a client without feeling like they’re getting locked into something they don’t want.

Will you change over to Galaxy? Will you be using both? Or do you think this is just a desperate ploy from the company that should be focusing on getting licenses for more awesome classics instead of trying to compete with Steam?

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Author:Zoe Hawkins

Wielding my lasso of truth, I am the combination of nerd passion and grammar nazi. I delve into all things awesome and geek-tastic. I believe people should stop defining themselves and just enjoy playing games, so let's get on with it!
  • Admiral Chief Blackburn

    Goeie ou Goeie ou Speletjies!

    Wonderlik, heel skaflik inderdaad!

  • Admiral Chief Blackburn

    Stel iemand belang om vannaand ‘n potjie Verdediging van die Antieke nommer 2 te speel? (Dota)

    • HvR – THE Average GAmer

      VvdA, werk nie lekker in Afrikaans nie.Maar ek dink die geskerts sal baie meer kleurvol wees.

      • Admiral Chief Blackburn

        Is jy in vir ‘n potjie so omtrent teen 8uur?

        • HvR – THE Average GAmer

          Ongelukkig het ek nie ‘n speel masjien wat loop op hierdie stadium nie. Moederbord en grafika kaart het hulle agterente gesien verlede jaar en die kind, hond en ander stokperdjie vreet nou al die geld op.

          So vir tyd en wyl is ‘n vuil kontsole speler op die PS3

          • Admiral Chief Blackburn

            Sjoe, jammer om te hoor oor die rekenaar.

            Watter hond het jy, en watter stokperdjie vreet jou geld?

          • HvR – THE Average GAmer

            Drie, almal aanneem honde. maltese X fox terrier, border collie X (sy is soos ‘n half jack border collie), nuutste een ‘n bullterrier X fox terrier.

            My nuutste stokperdjie is Roep na Plig : Regte Gewere; vet pret maar nogal duur.

          • Admiral Chief Blackburn

            Janee ammunisie is vrek duur

          • HvR – THE Average GAmer

            Dink ek gee nou EA ‘n idee, maar wil sien hoe sneller gelukkig mense sal wees jy moet ammunisie moet koop vir veel-speler @ $0.30 per pistool rondte en $1.25 per masjien geweer rondte

          • Admiral Chief Blackburn

            Janee, niemand sal ooit skiet nie!

  • Sk3tz0

    I feel ashamed.. I just crawled out under some moss covered rock and went to GoG for the first time.. lol.. for Shame on ME :(

    • Unavengedavo

      Hulle het “Fallout” 1,2 en Taktieke verniet weg gegee so paar maande terug

      • Sk3tz0

        I’ve done no work today lol.. been sitting here just clicking on the add to cart buttons. They got Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obsura, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that game fucking rocks the RPG Steampunk genre!!!!!

        • Admiral Chief Blackburn


  • Viking Of Science

    Ja nee, Gisteraand toe ek die konferensie kyk, het hulle ‘n handeklap van my gekry oor die…

    ek is inderdaad beindruk deur wat Goeie Ou Speletjies doen.

    • Admiral Chief Blackburn

      Jip, wonderbaarlik knap van hulle

    • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

      Jy is veels te verveeld by die werk :P

      • Viking Of Science

        Ek is, ja…. een van daai dae :P

        • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

          Ek het werk, maar jis ek is glad nie lus nie. Ek sit die hele dag nog net en wil verder Witcher speel! DIS JOU SKULD!

          • Viking Of Science

            Wat kan ek sê… Ek is n doos… :P

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    I will definitely be using both. I prefer gog.com, but Steam is straight forward and give good deals.

    Can’t wait for Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077! o/ Love my some GoG!

  • Rincearbiterofhumour

    splink splonk blink glop bop plop srouz

    • Unavengedavo

      Ek hoop jy was jou hande na die O_o

      • Admiral Chief Blackburn

        Dink ek nounet dieselfde ding!

      • Jedi JJ

        Mens sal amper wil sê hy moet sy hande “rinse”

      • Rincearbiterofhumour

        I get it! Am I right? DO I win a prize?!

    • Jedi JJ

      Not here Rince, damn it!

  • Jedi JJ

    This REALLY has my attention. One of the reasons I don’t buy on GOG often is because I hate having a hundred icons all over the place for my games. A client…now we’re talking.

  • Jedi JJ

    As much as I love Steam, and I really do, I welcome this with open arms. There are just so many great games that GOG has that I can’t get on Steam.
    I don’t really think they’ll be stealing customers away from Steam, people will just be using both. And still not having installed Origin or U(don’t)Play on my pc since the last format, I have room for another client.

  • oVgeeeeee Comet Drop

    Say no to puppy’s.

  • HisDivineOrder

    There have been other clients. GMG Capsule or Stardock Impulse’s client, too. Gamestop had/has(?) a client.

    PC gamers don’t want thousands of stupid clients to run at startup. We want 1-3. We already have the required ones: Steam, Origin, uPlay.

    And we finally just got rid of one: Games for Windows Live.

    We don’t want more. Just adopt Steam.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Happy in my pants. I’ve wanted this for a long time. So much more convenient than having 1 or 2 *coughcough* files all over the place.

  • Kensei Seraph

    *Drools on desk*

    Also, what’s with all the Afrikaans comments?

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