Free Far Cry 3 DLC for PS3 players

Gamers who own Far Cry 3 on PlayStation 3 will get a free DLC tomorrow. It has been confirmed to be a PlayStation exclusive, and for this my lovelies, I absolutely hate you.

Far Cry 3 was no doubt one of my absolute favourite games of 2012, only rivalled by Mass Effect 3. But seeing as I’m a member of the master race, I won’t be getting this new “High Tides” DLC for free, and why? Because it’s only for you PlayStation 3 buggers! This first expansion for the game will be released tomorrow, High Tides takes place where the original six co-op chapters left off. It will conclude the gang’s final moments in two chapters, Jailbreak and Redemption. Included in this DLC are new missions, tougher fights and bigger competition.

Now, even though I would have loved to show you a bit more about it, in say, a video, I really can’t because there isn’t one. Sorry. However, a piece of artwork has been attached to the announcement.

far cry 3 high tides

Author: Yolanda Green

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