First Ouya consoles are shipping


Do you remember the Ouya? It’s the Android console that took the world by storm via Kickstarter where it raised 200% of its initial goal in one day and then raced to a total of $8.5 million by the end of the campaign.

Well the first consoles are rolling off the production line but don’t get too excited as these are only for early developers and you aren’t going to be able to own one for a good couple of months still.

Ouya is attempting to disrupt the console market by bringing an open source solution to the table and with the amount of hype that the console has already received it may just do that. But it really does depend on whether or not it can secure some solid third party developers and that is where I see the console falling down.

It wouldn’t make sense for the Activision’s and EA’s of the world to release their top range titles onto the Ouya where they will likely be pirated in minutes… but you never know maybe they have a great idea on how to solve that problem?

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Author: Gavin Mannion

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