Far Cry 3′s Vaas was originally a blind bull

Michael Manda as Vaas

Well what do you know? When Vaas, Far Cry 3’s not-quite-main antagonist was first designed he was half blind and bald. A very revealing article on IGN shows off the cycle of how Vaas, one of last year’s most enigmatic video game characters came to be.

Executive producer Dan Hay spoke to IGN explaining how Vaas transformed from a physically intimidating, bear fighting, 300 pound, and six-foot-tall savage named Bull to a Pyro, a “volatile, explosive, rage-filled” guy with just about “red everything”, from his shirt, to his hair and scars/mutilations. And the, after the realisation that Michael Mando, the voice actor who Plays Vaas in the game was the perfect embodiment of what the characters was to be.

Thompson explained that characters come from an idea that “can sound super interesting. At that moment, you get that kind of spark, like, ‘yeah, that’s going to be incredible.’”

However, he continued, “you can look at the sentence and say, ‘That’s a cool idea,’ but there’s going to be no emotion — it’s not going to resonate with people — until you get someone like Michael Mando to come in and audition. Then you’re like, ‘Oh, s–t, yeah.’ Now that sentence is…it has meaning.”

We knew what we wanted Vaas to be,” he explained. “We knew that we wanted it to be emotive. We knew that we wanted this character to be physical and to be…charming? Hard to look at. Almost like the sun. It’s impressive, but you can’t stare at it.”



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