Fallout 4 may still be real, set in Boston


It hasn’t been a fun couple of weeks for Fallout fans. With the Spike VGX awards coming up, many thought that Bethesda would be showing off a PS4 and Xbox One version of Fallout 4, something bolstered by a mysterious website. That turned out to be a hoax. But Fallout 4 may still be alive, and it could be set somewhere wicked awesome.

According to documents obtained by Kotaku, Bethesda is working on going back to the wasteland with an entry, as rumoured previously,  set in the US city of Boston (Also pronounced as Bahs-tahn with an emphasis on a baseball team).

The documents reveal that the game is currently working under the codename of Institute and references several locations from previous games. There’s no positive word yet on which Bethesda studio is handling this sequel, although the current assumption is that the Skyrim team of Bethesda Game Studios started work on Fallout 4 after they wrapped up work on the 2011 Elder Scrolls title.

Some of the Kotaku documents include dialogue for the game, which reference classic quotes such as “War never changes,” which series regular Ron Perlman usually read during the first three games.

Other interesting tidbits include some of the characters, such as a radio DJ named Travis Miles and an engineer named Sturges who is described as “a cross between Buddy Holly and Vin Diesel.”

Fallout 4 (1)Fallout 4 (2)

Fallout 4 could be one of the more anticipated games in the near future. Looking back at Fallout 3, that was one of the early games for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that showed what those consoles were capable of on a visual level, with some solid gameplay backing it up.

Nothing beat that first moment where you walked out of the vault into a scarred world of nuclear cows and mutants. And I’d dig to make that trip again.

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  • Admiral Chief of pixels

    Screw everything, tonight I am starting Fallout NV

    • TiMsTeR1033

      apparently one helluva game dude!

      • Admiral Chief of pixels

        So I’ve heard. And since my leave starts tomorrow, very appropriate starting an open world RPG

        • Brenz

          Have fun, its an awesome game, great world to get lost in during your leave :)

        • Hermann Schwindt

          You are in for a treat. Completed fallout NV and the DLCs.

      • Shift-Tab John (JJ)

        Apparently se moer.
        Fallout is the shiz. Yo.

      • Jean-Pierre Bornman

        It is dude worth a few shots

    • Shift-Tab John (JJ)

      About bloody time.

    • Unavengedavo(aka. MadeYouLook)

      I also need to finish that game… It was the last game I played before my PC died :’(

    • Zubayr Bhyat

      Yes You should. I’m still doing a replay of it. which endings did you take?

  • Admiral Chief of pixels
    • TiMsTeR1033

      I tried doing that…. Hit myself in the head with pen… epic fail..

    • LesMossel

      While studying for exmas I tried learning those moves. Needles to say I didnt pass and had to rewrite. BUT! Now I can do sweet pen tricks, not that cool though. I can only manage 2 spins.

      • Shift-Tab John (JJ)

        Les Mossel, I see that we are two sides of the same coin. Regards, Fender player. It’s a bit like the Xbox/PS quarrel. Only we don’t fight.

        • LesMossel

          Hehe we just stare at each other and squint. I’ve always liked the old school look of the Les Paul, it also fits my style of play more. But Fender is pretty sick, not gonna lie.

          • Shift-Tab John (JJ)

            Haha. Feel the same. LOVE the look of the Les Paul, flippen hot guitar, but Fender suits my style.

          • Admiral Chief of pixels

            You guys need a room or something?


          • Shift-Tab John (JJ)

            Only if it’s sound proof.
            Oh wait. That doesn’t sound right.

          • Admiral Chief of pixels

            Doesn’t sound right becoz of sound proofing?

            Are you loud in bed or something?

          • LesMossel

            Oh it’s gonna be noisy alright. Im gonna finger A minor till it squeels.

          • Unavengedavo(aka. MadeYouLook)

            But, JJ isn’t a minor….

          • Shift-Tab John (JJ)

            You’re right. I’m a major.

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        That’s why you shouldn’t do needles :/

        The first thing I thought when I saw LesMossel was, “what game are you playing where you’re a lesbian?” Then I saw the guitar. lol

        • LesMossel

          Hehe, for all you know I AM playing a game…as a lesbian.

        • LesMossel

          I see you started playing Bioshock 2! What an epic game! It’s not 1 or Infinite, but still awesome. Im gonna try the Minerva’s Den DLC sometime, apparently it’s pretty cool.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            I’m enjoying it. I owned a Big Sister last night, she came for me in an area where I’d hacked a security camera & a rocket turret. mwuhahahaha. No running away like a girl for me this time!

          • LesMossel

            Nice! First time I encountered a Big Sister I was fucked up royally. There are multiple endings, so depending on what you do to the little sisters, you might get a good or bad ending!

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            I’m going for good – I always save them, did the same in the first. Just can’t go the other route heh.

          • LesMossel

            Same here!

  • Gareth L

    Sorry to sound like a cynical old goat, but obviously Fallout 4 is real. What we need confirmation on is when it’s coming out. :P

  • Admiral Chief of pixels
  • Shift-Tab John (JJ)

    Well, if they set it in Detroit they won’t even have to make it in the future, post apocalyptic.

    • Admiral Chief of pixels

      Oh snap

  • Devourer of Small Bunnies


  • Rock789

    So agree with your final statement Dazza – when you exit the vault for the first time in Fallout 3, with the sun glaring in your eyes… As your eyes (the screen) adjusts and all you see is wasteland… And then you realise that everywhere you can see, you can go… It was almost overwhelming – like, “where do I start?”. Awesome experience – seriously considering making it my ‘holiday project’ and playing it again this holiday, with all the DLCs. So cool! :)

    Fallout 4? I am SUPER keen… But will temper my keeness for now until something official comes out. After the douchebaggery that happened in the last week, I shall take all my future Fallout news with a lovely dose of salt!

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