European developers don’t like Xbox One

In the build up to the Game Developers Conference in Cologne, the GDC surveyed over 300 European games industry professionals.  The results are quite striking – mobile and PC development far outweighs console developing, and the Xbox One is less desirable than the PS4!

When asked for which platforms the developers were making games at the moment, the results were dominated by smartphones/tablets (60%) and PC/Mac (aw yeah!  Mac developers!!) platforms (50%).  Consoles didn’t even crack into the 20% range.


Moving on, the developers were asked which newer markets were of most interest.  Xbox One came in at about 20% on this, almost half of the PS4, which is almost 40%.  I also find it interesting that people are more interested in developing for the PS Vita than for the Nintendo Wii U.  Poor Wii U.


However, before we get all up in arms about these results, let’s keep in mind who actually conducted this survey.  The Games Developers Conference sounds very prestigious, and gets some high end people in the industry to give summits and speeches.  That said, it’s not as if the conference is filled with developers from EA, Ubisoft, Activision and the other big development houses [Ed's note: it totally is].  In fact, Geoff facetiously explained the conference as

it’s really just indies circle jerking each other

So… if we consider that the indie developers are focusing on tablet and PC/Mac (yay Mac!) development, it makes more sense.  Of course it’s easier for indie developers to make games for those platforms and get published with some exposure.  This means that consoles will continue to see primarily mainstream titles.

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Author:Zoe Hawkins

Wielding my lasso of truth, I am the combination of nerd passion and grammar nazi. I delve into all things awesome and geek-tastic. I believe people should stop defining themselves and just enjoy playing games, so let's get on with it!
  • Tbone187

    People play games on a MAC??

    • Argentil

      I know right. Valve would have you think so.

    • Zoe

      yes, yes they do! like me!!!

  • Concerned

    Seems about right, if I want Indies I’ll play it on my tablet. Leave the big title games to the big boys! Also, LOL at article! In great IGN tradition the only thing they can possibly deduct from this “survey” which was conducted BEFORE the Xbox One 180 is that European dev’s don’t like Xbox! Trash journalism!

  • Argentil

    There are notable developers there, usually. Even so, indies are really important though I’d say mobile and tablet indies, less so. Gaming Lite+ on the go.
    Anyway, getting off track here, but GDC is important, it really depends who you’re speaking to. And with that, I shall exit the scene having not really answered the question. You’re most welcome.

  • Zoe

    sarcasm and double negatives = confusion ;)

  • Argentil

    I agree. I am half surprised my hipster friends haven’t jumped from the alternative/indie music scene, to indie games development.

  • RinceWind

    I think they realise that the next big thing is to pretend they saw the game crash coming and are way ahead of it playing old games like chess and hop scotch…

  • RinceWind

    Me neither, obviously we are retarded…

  • Argentil

    More like: operating at a level of cognisance that puts my understanding above trite, under-developed humour. Hurr-hurr

  • Brady miaau

    Free of charge, right?

  • Zoe

    european developers totally love mac – just look at the graph!

  • Concerned

    Thnx will do! ????Enjoy your Indies!

  • ElimiNathan

    So you wont have Indies ?……. Shame :D

  • Concerned

    No, seriously never been a fan! Will play it on the tablet or phone where they belong but that’s about it! Bring me the big budget AAA games and I’m happy, guess that’s also the reason I find the Xbox more appealing!????

  • ElimiNathan

    Lol are you kidding dude ? I kinda feel sorry for you

  • Concerned

    Really no need to! ???? When I started playing games ALL games were Indies, you can’t tell me anything! Just happy for what I can get now! ????

  • ElimiNathan

    Haha ye I get what you saying. We need to appreciate all these games that are thrown at us that we so easily spit on

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