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Energy eSports, a new Multi-Gaming Organisation has surfaced, with huge sponsors like Monster Energy and Steelseries, experienced managers from PolarFluke founder Matt Merks to long time gaming journalist and competitive gamer Rob Clegg, this just might be S.A’s new top dog.

It’s no secret that the MGO boom in 2011 left a bad taste in every one’s mouth. It was the “in-thing” to do, but very few of the over night pop-ups stuck. Bravado is probably the only one that’s been around for years and shown great consistency. I know I’m going to get lots of hate for that, but it’s true! Running an MGO takes a lot of dedication, countless hours and more than just one or two people to manage it. Websites need to be actively kept up to date; players and teams need to be managed and so on and so forth. It’s kind of like running a small business if you’re really serious about it or want to earn the label of MGO.

We’ve received great news that the right people have stepped up to the plate and will be pushing to run a successful and competitive MGO in the best way that they can.

So who’s going to get this puppy up and running? Matt ‘fluke’ Merks, Rob ‘GrIdl0cK’ Clegg and Kas ‘CAWA’ Ahmad. What makes these guys qualified to do this, is not that they are just gamers, but their years of experience in gaming, running tournaments and managing clans and teams. Clegg was one of the founders of Pantheon Gaming, a clan well known for their skill who sadly disbanded in January 2011. Clegg has also been a gaming journalist for Do Gaming who runs the Do Gaming Leagues and involved in the industry for many years. Merks, as mentioned, the founder and continued organizer of PolarFluke tournaments, most recently the SECS has also had years of experience in his field of gaming, most notably StarCraft. Ahmad is the Monster Energy gaming team founder and leader and has been working in gaming as well and is currently a Product Manager at Megarom Interactive.

Energy eSports will consist out of teams and individuals competing in Dota 2, CS: GO and Black Ops 2. Previously Monster Energy Gaming teams Energy and KHOAS will be competing in the Black Ops 2 title, these teams ranked first and third in the Modern warfare 3 2012 Do Gaming Championship. c7e, CS: GO champions have also joined Energy eSports to continue competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 team LEGS (third in the DGL Alchemist cup and winners of the MWEB Inaugural DotA 2 Cup) will represent the MGO in their field.

To check out the team line-ups, check out their Facebook page. Energy eSports also has a pretty sweet website and can be followed on twiter @EnergyeSports.

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