Double Fine’s adventure game will only be available on one console


Crowd-sourcing really does pay off! Tim Schafer and his Double Fine studio hit it big last year on Kickstarter, as they blew past the original goals set forth on that pledge site to fund a game that secured millions of dollars from trusting fans. There’s no word yet on what the Double Fine Adventure game is actually even about, but clearly, people have a lot of trust in Schafer and his crew. Trust that will be rewarded hopefully, when it arrives on PC later this year. And one other home console that is.

And that home console, will be the Android-based Ouya, another Kickstarter success of last year. It marks a departure for Double Fine, seeing as how previous titles from them were all released on console at some point or another. The Double Fine Adventure game, codenamed Reds, is going to join 450 other titles that have been planned for the system, a console that I have to admit is looking intriguingly more and more alluring.

I think I might actually be pre-ordering one soon. Especially if it has such a pedigree of game development from the Schafer camp headed that way. As for the exclusivity of Reds, don’t count on it breaking, as a Double Fine rep told Kotaku that the studio has no plans in place for other console releases for that game.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys

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