Double Dragon returns, with some 80s flair

Where my leg warmers at?

What’s better than sitting down for an old-school game, inserting a cartridge, switching on, removing the cartridge and blowing on it, then finally playing a game? Why, playing said classic game with a new coat of paint of course!

While my Xbox happens to feature a hard drive that is crawling with such classic reboots, it’s unfortunately short a few dream games from my wishlist. One such game happens to be the side-scrolling adventures of a certain kung-fu duo, who brought double the dragons necessary to any street fight.

And they’re coming back real soon as a downloadable game.

Wayford Technologies recently revealed that they were working alongside Majesco in order to update and reboot the cult adventures of the martial arts brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee, for Double Dragon Neon.

The game will stick to the traditional side-scrolling fisticuffs action of the original, as the two fighters make their way through hordes of enemies for the final showdown with Skullmageddon, but the 1980s roots of the title is going to be emphasised heavily in the design as well, as a nod to its place in that period in time.

Gameplay will still consist of combos and weapons, which have been simplified to be less advanced, and more responsive, according to IGN. A mix-tape feature allows for players to upgrade their power-ups as they battle through the game.

Double Dragon was always one of my fondest childhood games, and the amount of hours I spent trying to master the timing for attacks and spinning kicks was pure madness. But bringing it back with an over the top eighties flair and some gameplay upgrades?

I’ll be wearing my mullet wig and acid washed jeans when I sit down to play this in July. Double Dragon: Neon will be available on both PSN and Xbox 360 Live.

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Author:Darryn Bonthuys

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