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So yesterday I told you how Valve was canceling Frostivus again this year, and we didn’t know what they were up to. Well, now it has all been revealed – we get a new update and the Skeleton King seems to be going through some special changes.

Over on the Dota 2 blog, we’re told that the Skeleton King is crumbling to dust after too many resurrections, leading him undergo strange ritual.

Placed in a trance by his Mage-Physician, Skeleton King rests upon a wintry Altar. All through the longest night, five heroes must defend His Highness from the armies of Wraith-Night. With every beast they slay, a spark of Wraith Essence flows to the King. Survive until dawn, and the King will be reborn in a form more imperishable than bone. May the first rays of the Frostivus sun illumine the newly risen Wraith King!

Okay, so this is all just a premise for yet another patch. So, what’s in the patch? First up, apparently we’re all finding our purpose (aka, loot):

This update includes a newly crafted path for beginners to Dota 2, which gradually introduces players to the many varied game modes and settings in Dota 2. In addition, players are now guided through the many types of items they’ll find while playing Dota 2, and given the opportunity to try them out. Not to be left out, experienced players will find they’re now able to work towards longer term goals that are guaranteed to produce higher quality item finds.

The festive season has certainly arrived, especially considering that players will receive a series of “presents” as they proceed through the game, containing free items to use. Additionally, the amount of XP needing to progress from levels 2-7 has been adjusted, so your in-profile XP bar might be a bit off until you complete a game. You can read all the changes on the Dota 2 blog.

Happy Frostivus everyone!

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Author:Zoe Hawkins

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