Don’t miss out on the Gears action this weekend


Lone Wolves kick off the second round of the Microsoft SA Gears of war: Judgment tournament tonight, and all games will be live streamed. Who will you be supporting?

Round 2 will play out for the solo players in the tournament tonight. Those who rank in the to four of their groups will go through to next round, the bottom five however, will be kicked out. The mode played will be free-for-all on map Gondola.

Clans will be battling it out on the same map in Team Death Match mode tomorrow night, starting at 7pm. Each round will eliminate the losing team.



Ref Gamertag

Team Name


Team Name

7:00 PM


Capital Punishment


DTF The Apostasy

7:30 PM


FLS Legion


The Button Mashers

8:00 PM


CMR Flashback


Ghost Squad

8:30 PM


Enter Team Name


High 5 Synergy

9:00 PM


Judge Dredds



All matches will be live streamed, so check out the Live Stream page on the tournament website. And remember, our very fuzzy wookiee Garth is shoutcasting the whole thing – so show him some support, mkay!

Watch live video from xboxsouthafrica on

Author: Yolanda Green

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  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    You know who I will be supporting?




    • Rincethis: Spellalicious

      Damn bro, that was a good hijack!

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        So y u downvote?

        • Rincethis: Spellalicious

          No way man, no downvote from me! I never downvote, I often don’t vote at all though. Here is an upvote for you!

        • Rincethis: Spellalicious

          It was probably my girlfriend while I was away… from… my… 0_O

  • To all those that watched the stream and participated in the chat thanks for the support 🙂
    Final Round this weekend! #ChampionshipWeekend

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